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  1. Z

    Maui Waui - trichomes

    :rollit: My Maui Waui plant's trichomes are mostly all cloudy with a few amber (5-10%). Can these be placed into darkness to rush the trichomes? I need to leave and do not have anyone to care for them. Please help me. Will this work? I also have Short Ryder's and they are turning purple...
  2. damnyourhot

    Officaly week 12 of flower need opinion should i cut now ?

    ok today 1st day of week 12 trichromes for the last 3 weeks or so smeel is there microscope shows alot of milky and amber someplaces even seen black trichomes not sure if it was mites tho too many mites they just poped outta no where the last few days dont want my thc...
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