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harvest ready

  1. DieselX

    Harvest time yet?

    Hi ladies and gents, wondering if you could help my out please. I have 3 white widow x bubblegum that i grew from seeds, planted 25th march and started 12/12 on the 3rd June. Ive managed to get some close ups of the trichomes but i can tell for the life of me if they are a couple weeks...
  2. Shadowspawne

    The Beautiful World of Trichomes!

    Here are some really interesting (if just for me) pics of my trichomes. I am fascinated how these little buggers act on us as they do. Not just the psychoactive effects, but the long list of possitive medical uses. Here are a few of the pics of what we are all looking to grow, cultivate and...
  3. M

    When will my lady be ready to harvest?

    Im about 4 1/2 weeks into flowering. This is my first grow and i am wondering when she will be ready to harvest. :thumb::thanks: