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harvest time ?

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    Am I ready yet? End week seven

    Plants seem healthy. Buds are thick and sticky. Leaves turning on one of the plants. Have started flushing. First grow. Some aphids around, but morning removal by hand seems to work and not to time consuming on three autos.
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    Beginner Grower, 3 Weeks In Autoflower

    Hi everyone, 3 weeks in to my second grow and its going really well. Learnt alot recently through research, trial and error and all of your advice. Heres some pics of my 3 week old autoflower. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    Harvest time?

    So, im still kinda iffy on telling whether or not my girl is ready to harvest. Nearly almost all the white pistils have turned orange and are curling down, the trichomes are still difficult for me to distinguish even with a 40x jewelers loupe. but they have been in the flowering room for nearly...
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