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harvest time

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    Purple monkey balls harvest time wet wheight at 140 grams these plants only had 35-45 day veg times in 1 -1.5 gal fabric pots .the smell of this purple monkey balls . The froth !! Oh my can’t wait!
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    Still got all those other bags okay three oz in fridge slow drying lol
  3. The Dude Inhales

    Best Temperatures, Indoor Grow At Harvest Time

    Good Day I'm in the final week of growing and want to simulate fall temps, night temperature setpoint is 65F and day is 74F plus or minus a 2 degree variance. My question is regarding the lower end, will lower temperatures increase potency and speed up the ripening process or hinder it?
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    Now some shots of Thc bomb in brown paper bags in fridge burping few times a day at room temps for 10-20 mins what ever room air is whichbis low here in house 30-40%
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    Buds a hanging come on vac seal lol
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    Widow bomb very bright orange hairs
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    Two tester buds off two plants one is widow bomb other is Thc bomb week 8 flower decided two day flush on two the thc bombs happening starting tomorrow .
  8. A

    Is this plant ready to harvest?

    Help me to understand if this plant is ready for harvesting. Pistils are brown and curled, leaves are yellowing, sugar leaves also started their yellowing process, that’s why I’m worrying, but I can’t see amber trichomes, only clear or cloudy. What should I do?
  9. Gwillith harvested

    Gwillith harvested

    My first run of Gwillith in my new home.
  10. A

    Is the plant ready to harvest?

    Help newbie to understand if this Critical Purple girl is mature and ready to harvest or it needs more time? Trichomes are cloudy/milky, some of them are clear yet, there is no amber ones. Some of the lower buds are small yet and the sugar leaves are kinda shiny. But most of the buds looks like...
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  12. T

    Time to harvest

    Hey, guys! So, my autoflowering plant (NYC Diesel) has started flowering on november 19 and I'll have to harvest on december 14. I know that it should flower for some more time but it won´t be possible. I was wondering, what could I do to speed up the flowering time so that I´ll have the...
  13. T

    Bud Washing

    First time grower, did some bud washing.
  14. Shadowspawne

    The Beautiful World of Trichomes!

    Here are some really interesting (if just for me) pics of my trichomes. I am fascinated how these little buggers act on us as they do. Not just the psychoactive effects, but the long list of possitive medical uses. Here are a few of the pics of what we are all looking to grow, cultivate and...
  15. Shadowspawne

    Trichomes - When to harvest?

    Here is a picture that I took of my current and growing, budded, and now ripening plant. I ordered a USB microscope to examine my trichomes to insure a true time for the harvest. I am thinking to harvest when they turn milky. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!! ks.
  16. M

    When to harvest? NYCD

    Hi there, im growing my first plant which is a NYC Diesel from Advanced seeds, so far it looks good to me however im unsure of when to harvest, on the website it says 60-65 days, it is day 66. Most leaves have yellow dried up and fallen off id say about 60% of them, the top cola leaves have gone...
  17. O

    Help! South African Outdoor Marijuana Plant Flowering For +8 Weeks! Video & Photos

    My outdoor marijuana plant have been flowering for almost 9 weeks. It must be some sativa dominant hybrid and I am assuming that it could be Super Silver Haze. I am not sure how long my plant still can go? Maybe another 2-3 weeks? The buds just do not look fully formed to me and even though some...
  18. K

    Purple Kush Auto Harvest Day

    I have two Purple Kush Auto's ready but the buds are light and airy. I harvested 1 of them yesterday, 83 days old after the seed pop. The plants grew indoors to about 28 inches tall under 1000W MH/HPS lighting. The grow medium was 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite and 1/3 Ocean Farms Potting soil using...
  19. B

    To Cut or Not To Cut

    Hello everyone. This is my first grow, Bubblegum OG from seed. I'm at 61 days from 12/12 flip w/all cloudy and very swollen trichs. Basically, I believe that I should harvest within the next day or two. Buds are swollen, most pistils have darkened and curled, and they smell amazing. Am I too...
  20. C

    Harvest time?

    So, im still kinda iffy on telling whether or not my girl is ready to harvest. Nearly almost all the white pistils have turned orange and are curling down, the trichomes are still difficult for me to distinguish even with a 40x jewelers loupe. but they have been in the flowering room for nearly...
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