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    How much longer until harvest

    How long until harvest
  2. Hypnotic420

    Can you harvest small amounts instead of the whole plant?

    I was wondering since it’s close to harvest time if I could cut off the colas that look like they are ready? It’s my first outdoor grow and the larger colas have about 25% amber in them but there are smaller ones that have about 50-60% amber throughout. Any suggestions for me?
  3. IMG_20201002_091150.jpg


    25 branches hanging and doc bud washed. .temps64 f 72%rh
  4. H

    Are my plant ready to start my flush for harvest?

    So I’ve got 2 different strains in my tent which I thought they were both the same when I acquired the clones but oh well , I still believe they both are 8 week flower, I am on my 8th week of flower tomorrow. I’m growing in coco and under 660w hps - temps 28-30 humidity 45-60. Just need any...
  5. IMG_20200926_071541.jpg


    Took down a clone early as it wasn't doin good in the pit and soil . Figure head high buzz might end up with 5 grams or so but better then nothing . Laughing Buddah is on day two hanging. Better buds mostly cloudy should be good head high too.
  6. Gelato


    One plant = Bounty
  7. Gelato


  8. Gelato


    One stock/branch
  9. Gelato


    Here is one plant, Gelato
  10. Gelato


    Take down time!!!!
  11. C

    Harvesting Noob: Are my Trichomes cloudy or clear?

    First time grower here, I haven't harvested ever. Working on a blue cheese auto seed that has been in coco coir for almost 3 months. I initially had issues with not feeding the plant as a seedling so I believe I stunted growth a bit, regardless she grew and seems pretty strong. I wanted to see...
  12. Bubbaman

    Just finished harvest on my white widows

    Just finished harvesting my 3 white widows 277 grams wet. I’m still new to growing how do they look !
  13. T

    Is she ready?

    Still not exactly sure what I’m looking for here. These seem milky with some amber? Or are they still clear?
  14. T

    First harvest! Am happy

    Outdoor grow. N Lights auto. Maybe too early, but I just couldn’t wait. Will wait a bit for other two. SE BC Canada. Crop King Seeds.
  15. T

    Should I harvest? First grow

    N Lights autoflower. End of week 8. Do not have a magnifier. Very few white pistols. Tricombs look cloudy, but with photos can’t really tell if any are amber.
  16. G

    Beginner Grower, 3 Weeks In Autoflower

    Hi everyone, 3 weeks in to my second grow and its going really well. Learnt alot recently through research, trial and error and all of your advice. Heres some pics of my 3 week old autoflower. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  17. Dry and Trim Harvest Comparison.jpeg

    Dry and Trim Harvest Comparison.jpeg

    Nigerian Sunshine
  18. More Kandy Kush hanging out

    More Kandy Kush hanging out

  19. Small Batch of Kandy Kush

    Small Batch of Kandy Kush

  20. H

    Run off colour issue & a leaf problem during flush before harvest! Guidance please!

    First grow, coco coir, haze cuttings, final flush before harvest , day 5 of flush, expecting to flush for 7-9 days in total. my problems are that I was expecting to see yellow leaves by this time as i was sure it would occur due to the flush, where the plant uses the store nutrients in the...
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