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    Girl Scout Cookies trichomes
  2. G

    Ready To Harvest?

    Okay, so my plants I believe are ready to harvest? I got a closer look at the trichomes with a microscope. And two of my plants are getting amber, is it ready to harvest??? Also, 1.) Will the little baby buds at the bottom of the plant get bigger and grow more? Should I wait longer to harvest...
  3. M

    Are my girls ready to harvest?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. I’m wondering if my girls are ready (or nearly) ready for harvest. 2 x royal cheese 2 x zilky zmooth they’ve been in flower for 7 weeks, trichs look cloudy to me but hairs are still mostly white. First grow so any feedback is much appreciated!
  4. Bubbaman

    My harvested AK47 plants

    Harvested , dried , and curing. Harvested just over 4 ounces. This is the final product. Sorry for bad pictures my camera has seen better days strain is ak47. How’s it look
  5. Harvest Dry 4

    Harvest Dry 4

  6. Harvest Dry 3

    Harvest Dry 3

  7. Harvest Dry 2

    Harvest Dry 2

  8. Harvest Dry 1

    Harvest Dry 1

  9. Harvest Dry Rack 2

    Harvest Dry Rack 2

  10. Harvest Dry Rack 1

    Harvest Dry Rack 1

  11. harvest rack

    harvest rack

  12. harvest rack 1

    harvest rack 1

    Just hung up.
  13. G

    Harvest time? I'm not sure

    Hello friends ! After a long wait i think this is THE TIME to harvest or i need to wait 2 weeks more ! but iam not shure o_O Can you help me ? It is my firs grow and with this indicators i think that its time to harvest. This girls are autoflowers and they have entered in the 9 week ! This...
  14. S

    Harvest now or wait two weeks?

    I am going away in a week and am wondering whether to harvest now with a 1 week dry or harvest in two weeks when I get back?
  15. Transkei Origin Nug

    Transkei Origin Nug

    An individual nug from the Transkei haul, rough trimmed
  16. Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    A selection of early cure nugs from my Transkei lady.
  17. Auto Grower9

    Need help with when to harvest auto flower

    When should I harvest, planted December 29th and it’s an auto flower.
  18. S

    Harvest in a week?

    This is a calyx at very bottom At the main top there a few amber. Do you think I can harvest in a week and flush now Had a few issues with light too low causing the crispy leaves at top. Any advice when to harvest. Buds at bottom still have white pistils
  19. A war won

    A war won

    That's a wrap!
  20. C

    Harvesting Noob: Are my trichomes cloudy or clear?

    Second time grower here looking to make sure I learn best when to harvest. Working on a skywalker kush photo seed that has been in coco coir for almost 6 months. I wanted to see if i could get help figuring out if I am ready to harvest. I am looking for mid-type effects so the milky color. I...
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