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  1. G

    Harvest help

    Hi, I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and posted my intro yesterday. I am almost to harvest with my first grow, here is the info: SOIL GROW Strain - Pineapple Express, feminized # of Plants - 3 (but I'm only inquiring about the oldest, because they were staggered) Grow Type - Soil Grow...
  2. Reegansmit

    Is this bud ready for harvest?

    It's been in flowering for a while now, I'm not sure how long it should take before I harvest it.
  3. HighTv

    Hello I'm Hightv

    I run an account over at Grow Diaries as well as other social media profiles like Youtube and Instagram. I have been a long time user of this site for research and figured I should say thank you guys for the years of information! Anything I should know about when it comes to posting things on...
  4. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  5. IMG_5467.JPG


    GG4 right before harvest
  6. IMG_5459.JPG


    Fun with the harvest
  7. Tray full of Debilitator Kush

    Tray full of Debilitator Kush

    One plant fills the tray
  8. Debilitator Kush

    Debilitator Kush

    Debilitator Kush harvested
  9. Debilitator Kush harvest

    Debilitator Kush harvest

    Harvested one plant
  10. DSCF9919[1].JPG


    Harvest day
  11. RAIN MAN

    I just ordered some seeds

    I just ordered 3 Afghan Skunk Kush, 5 Purple Northern Lights and 3 Auto Blackberry Kush seeds. All from supremeseeds. I will be buying a growing tent and grow 4 plants within the next month. I have a Blueberry Kush plant growing with about 1 month left before harvesting, so I'll be growing 4...
  12. CDFF8ABD-BCBD-4434-8165-C2E96BBD806C.jpeg


    Afghani kush x black domina all three girls axed. Washed and hung now 24-48 hrs dark in tent. 5.2 lbs wet , in box whieght and not de stemmed yet praying 1 lb dry be sweet deal.
  13. Harvest


  14. Harvest


  15. Harvest


  16. Harvest


  17. Harvest


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  19. R

    GROWant G5 Hi-Par 800 Flowering Review By Remedy808

    Wuddup 420!! Here it is, as promised. My complete review, flowering start to finish, with the GrowANT G5 HiPAR series 800 watt led grow light! First of all, I would like to say that I am no way affiliated to any grow companies. I'm just an average guy, using my own money to grow my own...
  20. 20180607_200113.jpg


    Sativa hybrid