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  1. Harvest!


    Auto Gorilla glue harvest! 1 plant, 7.3oz wet
  2. M

    Autoflower looks off, final stages of flowering. should I give nutes?

    hey everyone, back with another question this is my ak47 auto, was mostly under 18-6 life cycle but was in a room with a photo so it went to 12-12 about half way through, so not a whole lot of light, also the photo did take up more room than expected. this auto is well over 90 days, but as...
  3. 63FEBE96-33FC-4068-9BBE-4C1CF10ECEF6.jpeg


    Well if this scale here says 110 it’s the white widow x atf wet wheight going into Fridge for slow and low beet excited to try this plant .
  4. 35E43A6B-0D7C-49C6-8502-1CF0D9BFA938.jpeg


    White widow x atf thinking an oz dry I hope . Some will go in fridge .
  5. EF18A336-3FC8-4116-9B6B-DD0F93227767.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls that was under the reflector 144 light is chopped tons of cloudy nice purple on the undersides of the sugars and fans . Froth all over the stems fans etc. What a aroma off this plant. This one and themaddabbers both easy clean up trim job best I’ve had .
  6. L

    Yikes, I chopped 'em down!

    Hello All First grow, 3 plants of unknown strain, 2 looking the same and the other different. I chopped these little girls down just now without 48hrs dark, and hanging them in the tent with my last plant that will be in 48hr dark. She is a different strain than the other two, (all of unknown...
  7. Whoberry Haze #1 harvested top

    Whoberry Haze #1 harvested top

    One of the better tops from Whoberry Haze #1.
  8. Bottoms up!

    Bottoms up!

    Harvested and hung to dry , Whoberry Haze #1 and Debilitator Kush. Whoberry are the light green ones.
  9. I

    3 weeks till flower!

    So I'm running 5 HPS 600w and just installed a Budmaster over one plant to see what goodies it brings. What do you guys think so far ? Great light unit for an LED but just lost one of the light units but still doing its job.
  10. L

    A Few Amber: Lights Out?

    OMG, how excited am I! Today is the 1st day of week 9 of flowering of my first grow. I have 3 plants of unknown strain, with one being totally different than the other two, which look the same to me. I checked my trichomes this morning and on the single one, an amber trichome here and there, and...
  11. BLGrower

    My harvest video of my Gorilla Bomb with 4k resolution and bud shots 3 phenos

    Whats up guys I'm known as BLG for the Biggest Little Grower. After YouTube purged my old account I started the Cannabis Grow Guide. I just finished a grow with 3 different gorilla bomb phenos. If you don't want to watch the whole harvest skip to the end for the bud shots of each pheno.
  12. 644171B2-37FE-4FB5-85B0-1883241B5DF3.jpeg


    More plant porn Thc bomb for ya green thumbs
  13. Part of a branch.jpg

    Part of a branch.jpg

  14. Smoky da bear

    Most efficient use of entire plant!

    Hey guys I'm a somewhat rookie. I've used these forums before to grow some amazing stuff. Now, I know I'm late to the party but I just made cannabutter for the first time and it's got me curious about the best and most efficient way of making the most of every part of the plant. Be it butters or...
  15. G

    Harvest help

    Hi, I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and posted my intro yesterday. I am almost to harvest with my first grow, here is the info: SOIL GROW Strain - Pineapple Express, feminized # of Plants - 3 (but I'm only inquiring about the oldest, because they were staggered) Grow Type - Soil Grow...
  16. Reegansmit

    Is this bud ready for harvest?

    It's been in flowering for a while now, I'm not sure how long it should take before I harvest it.
  17. HighTv

    Hello I'm Hightv

    I run an account over at Grow Diaries as well as other social media profiles like Youtube and Instagram. I have been a long time user of this site for research and figured I should say thank you guys for the years of information! Anything I should know about when it comes to posting things on...
  18. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  19. IMG_5467.JPG


    GG4 right before harvest
  20. IMG_5459.JPG


    Fun with the harvest
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