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  1. example of, "not nearly"...

    example of, "not nearly"...

    u can do this with ur cell, too- varying distances around 6" (hush- a woman's example of 6), with ur highest m.p. setting, or macro & then, enlarge. it's more exacting than pistal degradation. i have a woman on the side- a month after all pistal death n still, not cloudy enough; zero amber...
  2. long day

    long day

    i was still slow, when still willing to lay them down, like so. it leaves a flat side, in a hurry... u don't have THAT much time to get em back up.
  3. Angel413

    I need help drying my baby’s #tips

    What’s the best way to dry my baby’s ? What’s the best room temp? Should I Manicure my plant Before drying? How to get that real smell ? I don’t want my plants smelling like hey pls help
  4. N

    Almost ready?

    Hey there, This is my first grow, live in eastern Ontario. I have two plants;707 headband and SFV. I’m wondering if it’s close to harvest? I’m not in the best location to grow outdoors and my neighbour has two plants on the other side of the fence so the smell is very noticeable. I just want...
  5. K


    Hey! So, my last crop had about 2 plants that got some powdery mildew. I removed from the room so they wouldn't hurt any of my other plants. After about a week outside the grow room the mildew disappeared and I can't find any on the plants. I'm skeptical of drying and curing since mildew was...
  6. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  7. OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    Strong, potent, OG x Haze buds from harvest.
  8. OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    Strong, potent, OG x Haze buds from harvest.
  9. AdaminCO

    Show off your plants' Fall colors!

    This is my first grow and I am so intrigued at how these plants transform. After freaking out over the massive number of leaves turning yellow, someone informed me it was their “Fall” colors coming out. I snapped a few pictures of my grow last night, a week or so before harvest, and was blown...
  10. Candida CD 1

    Candida CD 1

    Indica dom CD1, this was a fast plant.
  11. B

    Advice on harvesting bonsai’d plant

    Hello! I’m a first time grower and I accidentally bonsai’d my plant! I’m just looking for some advice on how to harvest my plant. There isn’t much of a bud there. I’ll include a photo of it from last week (now all pistils brown) and I’ll post a picture of it now when I get home in a couple of...
  12. G

    Thank flip it's over: What a poor harvest!

    First grow! :peace: 7 weeks vegging. 10 weeks flowering (Far too long!). Coco grow, in a 7 litre 'air pot' - Apparently smaller roots but bigger yield, according to the hydro shop dude.... Light: LED (Cheap Chinese version that said 600w, but was pulling more like 100w. Strain: Pink Sherbet 21%...
  13. Corleone8

    Black Indica Harvest

    Cks black Indica feminized, 7 weeks of flower. Had to take this one a bit early. Just a quick trim. Added a shot of the still flowering one.
  14. Hugedallasfan

    Harvest Day

    This is my first grow auto flower that I harvested today . I went ahead and did a wet trim and she is now hanging in the dark grow closet pot,to dry. Look at those buds bro. Not bad for an auto flower.
  15. 6006CDC2-0349-416A-9EA1-A5B9699819AB.jpeg


    Is it time
  16. 5ADA27BE-B107-44D9-97CD-EDAC8BD6AA00.jpeg


    Harvest time?
  17. 57FAA0E6-8CB6-4960-BAA3-8F8D6D5B5806.jpeg


    Is it ready
  18. Boombarta

    Any help please

    Is this any where near harvest
  19. L

    Early harvest, photos, opinions?

    Hello fellow buds, my set up is cheap and quick, the room is small and blocked off in a closet by a blanket to eliminate light exposure as my light schedule starts at 1 am until 9 am <right now> I am at the end of the timeline that I have right now u have no auto watering system and will be...
  20. T

    Help! Am i ready to harvest? 8 week flowering strain

    Hello guys. This is my 3rd grow but my first using a photoperiod. I have TH critical HOG. 5 girls and very close to being done. I'm just wondering when to harvest and a good way to. I normally count back the weeks in harvest, but I totally forgot when i put these girls in flower. I have a...
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