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harvesting early


    How much longer before harvesting?

    I have a Blueberry Kush plant in about 4 weeks into flowering, I've been feeding it Terpinator, General Hydroponic's Microbloom and Microgrow, and pH up. I feed it nutrients every 2 days and water it everyday. The plant is about 2 feet and 6 inches tall. About how much longer before harvesting...
  2. B

    A little advice please

    Hello! These are autos going for their 59th day. I've had some problems with pH from the beginning and then later some more problems that I wasn't able to hassle out. They have lost a lot of leaf mass over the time, but the nugs are looking okay. They should have like 2-3 weeks to go. In the...
  3. Lester Freeman

    Harvested early because of unseasonable cold front

    I planted some seeds around mid July, they quickly started flowering at about 2 feet tall after one month. 3/6 were nice looking males that went into the trash. The other 3 pumped flowers out like no tomorrow. With less than 60 days of flowering (outdoors), I was starting to wonder if they could...
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