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  1. S

    A few harvest facts

    Here are a few interesting facts: 1) hanging plants up-side down increase's potency ---More likely whole plant hanging slows the drying process and H20 lost therefore reduces loss of terpens\es and giving and better taste and aroma 2) Allowing an extended 24-48hr dark time - Many terpenes...
  2. S

    How soon until harvest?

    Hello everyone, this is my 2nd grow. I’m a little worried about timing the flush process and the perfect time to harvest. I’m growing gorilla candy, 1 week ago I thought there may have been 2 weeks left so I did my first flush but a week later they almost look the same and still look to me like...
  3. M

    1 week until harvesting

    sweet seeds - Cream Caramel autoflower. Grown outside in Spain. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit.
  4. R

    Are these pups ready for harvest? Images

    Hey everyone. Question here for the experts. Grew a few plants of Nitromatic and PowerHaze with the Aerogarden Bounty. I basically had them in vegetative stage for 30 days and then switched to flowering mode where they have been for 6 weeks. These two plants look like they are almost...
  5. V

    Advice about harvesting

    Hi Guys, At risk of boring everyone...First grower here worried about harvesting his first crop. When should I be harvesting these babies? Skunk Automatic. I was hoping to be harvesting in about 2-3weeks. Does that look about right? Any advice much appreciated :-) Sorry you've got...
  6. C

    Annually Harvesting Same Plant

    To those experienced this question is probably silly, however, I've never grown before. I'm a complete novice. My query is this: what are the reasons for not harvesting the same plant for several years, effectively pruning the plant of the buds and leaf, leaving a proportion for regrowth for...
  7. O

    First Grow

    Hi guys, this is the result of my first grow after about 4 months.. never really counted. Does this look the way it should look when it's almost ready for harvesting? I started with a seed that I found in a bud I had bought and then I didn't expect it to grow, but it did.. However I never...
  8. B

    Think they will ever come up with a harvesting machine?

    So me and my partner finally harvested our plans on Friday evening and by my estimates we manage to get between 3-4 ounces of bud ( dried ) though I still need to get a scale to confirm one way or the other ( i'll be posting pictures ). And the thought occurred to both of us is the...
  9. F

    Hi to all from Croatia

    Hello to all 420 growers. I am new at 420 forum. I hope that we will share the experiences. I wish everyone a successful planting and harvesting.
  10. R

    Am I ready for harvest? First time grow

    Hi everyone, this is my first time growing and I was planning on harvesting next weekend. Am I harvesting too early? She is in week 7-8, bagseed so unknown strain but I can tell its an indica due to the fat fan leaves, grown in soil and under 600w mh/hps, been flushing her for the pass 4-5 days...
  11. L

    Harvesting an auto question?

    Do you harvest when the top buds are ready even if the bottom are still just white hairs? Or wait till the bottom hairs go orange and fill out the whole plant?
  12. Emilya

    Working With Pollen

    Today I wish to describe my current project, producing, gathering, storing and using pollen. The strain is AK-47. When I started this winter run, I planted 4 AK-47 regulars, and as the odds would have it, ended up with 2 males. These frisky guys were immediately isolated to a special stand...
  13. F

    Snip Snip

    Strain - Sativa # of Plants - 7 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower 42 days Bucket Size - 5-15 Gallon Lights - (1) 1000 Watt HPS Nutrients - Alaska Fish Fertilizer Medium - 33% compost 33% perlite 33% peat moss Room Temperature -78 to 82 RH-50% Room Square Footage - 5.5' x 5.5' Pests...
  14. B

    To Harvest or not to Harvest

    Hi guys and gals This is my first grow for 18 years! I invested in 4 * Creme Caramel Autos, a 300W LED, 120 by 120 tent, charcoal filter and so on. My girls were started out doors in the med, however the weather started turning for autumn so I decided to invest in the above. I have had a few...
  15. ptk2k

    First Harvest - 2 Plants - 1/2 LB - Random Bag Seeds

  16. R

    Ready for harvesting?

    Hi all dear growers, I have grown a strain of Royal Queen, though I have troubles understanding if it's ready to harvest or not (just have a small magnifying glass), I'm posting the pictures below. Can you please help me and give me your advise? To me it looks ready to go for a speedy high but...
  17. O

    Should I harvest now? Need Advice

    Hi Should I Harvest this outdoor plant now or should I still wait? I don't have a good magnifier to have a close look at its trichomes . Please click to see the large image.
  18. rattlerr

    Revegging a Outdoor

    I live in florida where in the winter time it might get down into the low 40's, but I what I was going to try and do is to harvest one of my medium size plants. Leaving as many leafs on the plant as possible and only take the cola's or 97% of the Colas off the plant. Then through the winter...
  19. P

    Early Vacuum Seal?

    Ok, so I am coming to the end of my grow and I am not going to be around to properly "burp" my buds. I will be able to hang for 3 days, then put in a paper bag for 3 days. However, can I vacuum seal after the paper bag stage, then burp them when I have time. I just don't have anyone I trust to...
  20. A

    Time to Harvest!?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this site. I have two lovely ladies nearly ready for harvest and just wanted to see if anyone here could give me some advice: One is an amsterdam seed (Haze #1) and has a longer flowering period since its sativa, and the other is an unknown strain but...
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