hash joint

  1. hashtonic-ace-seeds-cbd-marihuana-cannapotjpg.image.300x300.jpg


    Hash Tonic cannabis seeds by ACE Seeds
  2. Zombikush81

    Just finished washing

    do not throw away anything ...... washing leaves and cutting material, everything did not exceed 20 grams, dried and then frozen for good, only added about 10grams of cut of a previous plant .... !! peace and love ✌️
  3. King Kilroy

    Hash Joint

    So i was thinking, Is it possible to make a joint wrapped in hash? Might sound stupid, but if there is a way that would be amazing. I have been a pipe and bong :bigtoke: person mainly, and im trying to get into joints :rasta:. Im practicing my rolling and just wanted to know if this is even...
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