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hash oil

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    New Slum Gold Glass Available Now

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  2. W

    Hash oil trouble

    Just finished making a batch of oil for my prostate cancer. Made it in a rice cooker. Got too thick. Had to add alcohol to remove from the cooker. Don't believe I burned it just went a little too far. I have it thinned out where I can handle it now. I'm going to cook out the excess alcohol...
  3. W

    Eden Co2 Sub Critical extract product

    I have just had 3 batches of cannabis processed by an Eden CO2 Extractor. It is very smooth and potent and very STICKY. It sticks to everything and leaves behind substance EVERY time it touches ANYTHING. I tried to freeze it to see if it would be easier to work with... No GO!! Is there a...
  4. K

    Need Help: Extracting THC Using Alcohol

    Hello 420, I am a new member and am coming to you guys with some questions. Recently I received some cab (leaves of the cannabis plant), with about 6% THC in them. I am trying to extract the THC from them and currently have them soaking in 99% Ethanol Alcohol. I am wondering if this will be...
  5. haylofx

    Hash oil in baking?

    I can get my hands on some hash oil but have only ever used cannabutter, I am assuming I would put butter/vege oil in a saucepan and slowly warm on low heat and put the hash oil in and allow to disperse. Then use this mix in place of butter/ oil in the recipe. Has anyone ever done this? is this...
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