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  1. Greenlizard

    Greenlizard's First Grow: Purple Kush & Hash Plant, October 2018

    Well here goes nothing... I have decided to grow for the first time in order to reduce cost for my wife, and I's meds. So far all I have done is spent a lot more money LOL. Here is the rundown of my setup. I purchased a tent kit from a local shop as well as a bunch more stuff that didn't come...
  2. B

    Hash plant 12 weeks at 12/12 have dense buds - Worried about mold

    My hash plants are 12 weeks at 12/12...the buds are s o dense I am worried about mold...what do I do to not have that happen?
  3. HashGirl

    First Grow - Crop King Hash Plants

    My husband planted these back at the beginning of June and I think they're starting to look pretty good (and they smell pretty good, too):
  4. HashGirl

    Crop King Hash Plants Dying?

    Good morning. My husband planted 5 Hash Plants in the spring and they were doing pretty well until the drought ended. We've had rain often in the past 3 or 4 days and the leaves on the plants are now drooping and going yellow and brown and he thinks it's from all the rain but adding nutrients...
  5. freelover32

    Hash Plant

    Original Hash Plant x Northern Lights #1 Strain Name - Hash Plant From - Terrapin Care Station Price- $180 oz When- 11/21 Type - Indica Appearance - Very Green, dense nuggets, solid trike dusting Smell - hashy, enough said Taste - hash, hash and more hash, love it Type of Buzz -...
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