1. Extract of this night.JPG

    Extract of this night.JPG

    Some dry ice pollen and scissor hash cooked and pressed together. Very sticky and oily. Taste is close to classic charas bubblegum flavor. UFO high :O
  2. Ron Strider

    Tourists Roll Up For Morocco's Cannabis Trail

    It may not feature in Morocco's official tourism brochures but cannabis attracts thousands of visitors a year to the North African country. At a hotel bar in the northern region of Ketama, German tourist Beatrix made no attempt to hide the joint she was rolling. The 57-year-old said she...
  3. A

    10g weed or 12,5g hash for same money?

    The price is about 65 euros, which one do you think is a better deal ? the hashish or the green ?
  4. I

    THC in alcohol?

    Hi friends, I'll try to make some cannabis oil from buds and a lot of trim. After a first filtering I've got a residue that is similar in color to hashish, they are crystals of THC or are residues to be filtered again before evaporation process to obtain the oil? The Thc is in the bottom of the...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    'Drug' Use - The Misunderstood Herb

    Islambad - We read about people going blind or dying from alcohol, prescription drugs, opiods such as heroin, and other laboratory drugs like methamphetamine, but how many people have you heard of who died from hashish? None. They just laugh a little too much and take a nap. This was said by...
  6. Y

    Smoking hashish before taking USA visa

    Hi guys , I hope it be the right place for my questions In short , I`m beneficiary for US visa . I was smoking hashish for long time and I quit before making my medical examination . In the medical examination the doctor did not ask me any thing about smoking hashish . and I made blood test...
  7. P

    Soap bar hash - The urban legend

    This is mainly for the UK guys because evidently this is not a problem in the US. Please ignore typos as I am currently stoned out of my tree. Anyway soap bar is not real, this plastic bag and tyre stuff anyway. At one point a long time ago, in a galaxy far away... A wee twat got some nice...
  8. Y

    Help please - How long does it stay in my system?

    Hi guys I was smoking Hashish for 1.5 years daily . I stopped smoking for 120 day completely , then I smoked for only one day in NOV.8 . I want to ask how long this single use for hashish will stay in my system ? I have a medical test In January , I 88 kg with 18% body fat and I workout...
  9. Captain Kronic

    So. Oreganja Camo Hash

    These are a few coins I whipped up during my first attempt at making bubble hash!
  10. B

    A Few questions about hash.

    I recently acquired some trimmings and sieved it through a screen with a little bit too large of holes and had alot of contaminants fall through but i still cooked it and pressed it. It was definetley some newbie hash, but it got me hooked on making hash, it's just fun to me. Now, though i am...
  11. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process Full Version YouTube - Bubble Hash Washing Machine Process
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