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  1. SmokeyMcFly

    SmokeyMcFly's HighBrix - Grand Daddy Purple - Ace Bubba Kush - Cotton Candy Grow

    Time to start a new journal :high-five: Strains Grand Daddy Purp Original Grand Daddy Purp Seeds Specs Genetics Purple Urkle x Big Bud Type Indica Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks Harvest Early October THC Content 17-23% Yield Indoors 450-680 gr/m2, Outdoors 900-1300 gr Smell Grape, Berry, Sweet...
  2. G

    Lost Coast - Hash Plant - Balcony Grow

    Got a free seed with recent purchase of seeds - lost coast hashplant. It a photo so is difficult to grow round these parts due to the long days still in july/august. Thought what the hell and planting it alongside my autos. Can potentially grow to 3.5m tall outside but i will be happy with a...
  3. Kingsnake235

    Newbie Closet Grow, Cold Climate - Ideas, Setup and Gear Q's

    Hello! I've recently decided to start up my own personal grow and would really appreciate any direct advice I could get in regards to my situation; I've been lurking the board for about a week and have found/read/bookmarked a lot of great info, but there are a few things (or combinations of...