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  1. B

    Urine testing

    m an occasional smoker 2 to 3 days worth every 2 to 3 months, the last time I smoked was new years eve haven't smoked since if have to take a urine drug test would i pass it
  2. vyserage

    How long after a deficiency do you see improvement?

    As title says, how long? I noticed my leaves were begenning to purple between veins which as i have researched is a sign of not enough phosphorus. I fed my plants 2 days ago and its kind of hard to tell but i think those same leaves are still going purple instead of stopping. Tips? I hadnt...
  3. N

    Help identifying possible spider mites

    First Ill say this is my first year growing and its outside. I decided the first year I tried planting them in different containers and sunlight levels to personally see differences that the different produce. This way I can have a much more efficient plan for next summer. I've been keeping...
  4. T

    BIO FN solids and pot.

    Haven't tried this Mayor's Shit here in MOncton. They say it grows tomatoes as big as Jackpines but I haven't seen it. It is free however. Anyone got experience with it? Biosolids is one term, processed shit is another and since it is 1/50,000th mayors shit it has to be good??? Right???
  5. Godsgarden747

    New 1st RDWC serious problem

    First DWC - Grow help - All my girls are dying All my girls are dieing any advice please help idk what's wrong turning dark green at tips like wet and curling up or all most decinagrating and almost see threw any advice please asap it's Happening quick
  6. S

    Wookies x Stardawg by Greenpoint seeds

    Trying to find any grows/journals for this cross. I haven't been able to find any. Thx. Peace!!
  7. I

    2bd DWC grow 3 week old

    what can I do to help my ladies out? Strain is the Durban poison. Under 24 hrs of 600 watt mh, haven't ph'd or changed water since week one, set it rockwool. is it time to add some food and change water ? temp is around the 80's
  8. Integrum Stultus

    Has anybody grown Dream Berry auto from Auto Seeds?

    The title speaks for itself. Im waiting on beans and haven't found any precious infomation on this particular strain. Any info would be helpful. Thanks guys.
  9. G

    Yellowing leaves?

    Please help,first grow. Been growing white widow about 6 weeks and now bottom leaves are yellowing. I'm growing in Kellogg Raised Bed Organics Plus Soil. I haven't added anything else please help. So afraid I'll lose these babies
  10. S

    Can I grow tomatoes in the same DWC as my cannabis?

    I haven't researched yet but any takes here guys?
  11. QnxGanja

    Amateur - Outdoor - Auto - 3 x Chronic Ryder & 2 JD's Ogre European Grow!

    Hey folks! Long time no see! Shit, I'm behind. Haven't logged in for almost 10 years, curious how are you all doing, fine? How's it going since the wave of legalization? :) Haven't sprouted a seed for quite a while and decided to go on a modest grow just out of curiosity ;) Some back...
  12. J

    What is this?

    Hi I noticed this a while back but only just posting about it. My Blue Dynamite girl late in her 4th week of flower, it looks like she dropped a seed and theres a seedling there but the leaves are different doesn't even look like a cannabis seedling lol. What's this? I haven't done anything...