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  1. F

    Hello everyone I'm Felix

    Hey Community I´m Felix Müller and I´m a bit older (over 60) . I´m from Germany and had a hard live before I tried Marijuana especially CBD for the first Time. I also write a Blog about the things you are able to heal with Cannabis and how to use it. If you having any questions, just ask ...
  2. D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, From DRShaymedman. I am just starting a new grow.

    Any one out there having experince using spanguam in the soil mix?
  3. M

    Lighting Dilemma

    I'm only growing in a 2.3x2.3x5 tent, currently running one Mars II 400. I would like to maximize the space and use as much light as I can. Now the current Mars is less than 6 months old, so I would hate to replace it completely, but would if required. Having said that, what do you think I...
  4. dom2mac

    Tap root up or down?

    As a new grower, I have been doing a lot of research on optimal growing techniques. I am a firm believer that a community can reach a consensus and quite frankly on this topic I am having a hard time finding what everyone thinks is the optimal way to plant your seeds. So do you: Plant the...
  5. G

    Having some issues with my girls - Help me please!

    hello everyone, im having some issues and hope you guys can help . info: 12 liter pots , coco , 400w mh , liberty haze fed with atami A+B , H&G roots stimulator im having hard time figuring what's the deficiency here :
  6. Greennewbie88

    Need help determining sex

    Help! I just switched over to 12/12 2 days ago but I'm having a hard time deciding if I have males or females.
  7. Why Doe

    Kind Soil?

    Who has used this stuff and how did it do? The part they advertise about never having to use nutes entices me.
  8. InTheShed

    Ok to keep moving outdoor autoflowers indoors for more light?

    I'm in southern California and we get "June Gloom" here, where we can get overcast skies much of the day for much of the month. I had a brilliant idea to bring the autoflower plants inside at night under CFLs so that they didn't feel light-deprived. I have read varying opinions on whether...
  9. Gardenseed

    Nute injections to stem with syringe?

    I performed this experiment on my 2nd grow. After the plants were into there 3rd week of flowering I was worried my 3 litter pots were to small. Having done allot of reading and research everything pointed to the plant having access to water and nutes when it needs without drowning the roots or...
  10. L

    Hi Peoples!

    Hello, I am new here, obviously :) and thought i should stop in the introductions area. I'm Leslie, I live in Ontario and i have a prescription for my chronic migraines. I've been very pleased with the results so far, though i'm still looking for 'the one' if thats even possible, but i will...
  11. M


    I seem to be having a issue. It seems to be happening about 3-4 weeks after I put the plants into 12/12. I am growing in ocean forest soil and using Advanced Nutrients Sensi line. This is the second batch I'm having this issue with. The strain I was told is lemon skunk. Any help would be...
  12. S

    Hola Everybody

    I am a 39-year-old male, my hobbies are growing plants mostly reusable veggies and fruits outside, I have seizures, and I use weed to help and also lions mane mushrooms, I like to write and make music videos, Today I built my grow room out of Beneful Dog Food bags and birthday balloons made...
  13. D

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Everyone, new here would like to introduce myself. I've been lurking around here for awhile and decided a proper introduction was in order. In my travels through this Community i have found invaluable information, and I'm looking towards gaining more info and understanding on how people...
  14. H

    Having some issues - Pics help?

    Have 6 plants, all legal grow. 2 have shown dark green fan leaves with brown grey dead leaf area.... 1 plant has yellowing leaves on bottom... I'm feeding light, organic, go box, terpinator, molasis, ro water, 600w Hps soil bacteria, I havnt been getting too much water seeping from...
  15. Swami420

    Hello From Swami420

    I just want to say how nice and Informational this website is. Thanks for having me..:Namaste:
  16. T

    2 Headbands light green but my autos are more dark

    as the topic says the headband 707 is light green and having some purple im not having the hottest weather around here but could i improve any thing for them i just turned the nutes up a little cus i was thinking thats the case? Thx for any help
  17. Killian


    Hi all. I am having difficulty trying to post.
  18. HemiSync

    Outdoor grow and bud rot confirmation?

    Had a secluded outdoor grow and could not get out there very often the last few weeks of grow. We were having lots of rain and cooler temps 5-18c / 40-65f. Finally got out there right after the first light frost and found a lot of the buds higher up on the one girl were very brown and dry...
  19. F

    One big tent or 2 small ones

    Hi i have enough room for either a 2x1x2 or would i be better having two 1x1x2? Cheers
  20. J

    2 Fast 2 Vast - Flowering

    2fast 2vast day 3 of flowering how do my girls look. iam having 6 flowers. any comments