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  1. Optimus913

    Maui Wowee!

    Just seedlings now but I have 4 feminized going outdoors.
  2. K

    HI: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operator Outlines Vision

    Hilo – Hawaiian Ethos, one of the first companies selected to operate medical marijuana dispensaries on Hawaii Island, wants to open stores in Hilo and Kona – locations it says are close to the bulk of the island's patients and will provide easy access to cruise ship ports once law allows...
  3. R

    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I am currently 2 months into my grow. Outdoors Hawaiian style. I have planted hybrids from regular and feminized seeds. I know from experience that hybrids like Northern Lights will continue to flower till May. Does anybody know what will happen when growing hybrids thru the.long...
  4. R

    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I have not grown in 10 years. And now I have a secure place to grow. I will grow outdoors Hawaiian style. Yes I remember growing from regular seeds. Always Sept thru April is our season for budding colas. Summer months plants can get into major vegetative state for months. Old...
  5. S

    Fruit Punch - Hawaiin - Haze - N.L. - Hybrid - Soon To Other Strains

    :thumb:this strain is very well rounded stone,its great for day toking,high trippy but yet non paranoia effects due to haze.tastes fruity/skunky but yet a liitle nuetral at taste until exhale then it hangs on ur pallet/tounge for a bit.great for stress/anxiety,gives cotton mouth like a...
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