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hay smell

  1. J

    Bud in curing still smelling like hay

    Hey guys. Looking for some help here. The strain is gelato x wedding cake, in fox farm soil w some perlite, 10 gallon pots, 6 plants, under 3 1000w HPS (for veg and bloom) I vegged them out for a super long time, almost 5 months i’d Say, and did defoliation throughout the veg maybe once every...
  2. mangosnapper

    Finished flavor

    has anyone ever had their finished stash, that kinda smells like ' hay ' ? everything is fine, no worries... but the smell of hay???:thanks: :Namaste:
  3. T

    Hay smell while curing?

    I am trying to get rid of that hay smell that sometimes accompanies drying buds. I am following the curing process that I have read from many websites...hang upside down in a dark place for 2 weeks with lots of ventilation, when the stems start 2 "snap" when I bend them I take the plant down and...
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