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  1. J

    Bud in curing still smelling like hay

    Hey guys. Looking for some help here. The strain is gelato x wedding cake, in fox farm soil w some perlite, 10 gallon pots, 6 plants, under 3 1000w HPS (for veg and bloom) I vegged them out for a super long time, almost 5 months i’d Say, and did defoliation throughout the veg maybe once every...
  2. mangosnapper

    Finished flavor

    has anyone ever had their finished stash, that kinda smells like ' hay ' ? everything is fine, no worries... but the smell of hay???:thanks: :Namaste:
  3. D

    Let's talk about the legalization of cannabis in Canada

    So like trudeaus gone quiet on this promise..haven't heard a thing ...makes me wonder what the hay is happe ning...does anyone have any interesting news on this one?...or accurate news please?
  4. E

    Feeling a little discouraged about end product

    Hey everyone! I come to you all with frustration about the results of my growing. I've had 3 grows now and I keep ending up with nugs that are hay like in scent, not dense, after about 3 days drying, 6 weeks of curing. When I harvest the buds everything looks so good, and furthermore, they are...