haze berry

  1. Bodhisattva

    Completed Royal Jack Auto - Haze Berry - Bubble Kush - Honey Cream - 400 Watt LED/CFL

    Si here aka Bodhi / Bodhisattva, Its my First Grow. Thanks for your comments, feedback and support. Stop by and say hello. SETUP SEEDS: All 4 seeds from Royal Queen Seeds per Title. All Feminised. Just the Royal Jack is an AUTO. HOUSING: Stealth wardrobe (approx 1 x 1 metre growing...
  2. H

    Completed My LED Grow

    For legal purposes, all text and pictures are not real. Im behind on posting this and have a few days to catch up on so bare with me. Yesterday was day 7 of my first grow with an led setup.I got an entire new setup for this grow. List of supplies below: 3x Haze berry from rqs 2x4x7 tent...
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