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  1. J

    Soil run off pH/EC, high EC in run off water: does this matter?

    Just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions about testing run off water - especially for ec - I watered last night and thought I would check the ec of run off and it came out to 5.9. In soil plant looks nice and green, had acidic soil for the past week but just corrected this problem...
  2. Bud room

    Bud room

    Cheese L, Shiva Skunk M, Afghani R
  3. Miss Shiva Skunk

    Miss Shiva Skunk

    My beautiful Shiva Skunk looking beautiful
  4. R

    Hey guys! I'm glad to be here! Im new to this line of work but this season is good!

    I'm always open to learning new things and strive for the best. I'm trying to learn mostly by experience as that seems to work for me plus I have a few veteran friends that shoot me pointers. I started out really small in October with a few different strains from seed (13 to be exact) planning...
  5. Lady Vadalon

    Why do we need to PH our gardens

    Not everyone finds it necessary to check PH and some growers get lucky and never have to check it. But PH is essential for plant health and growth. I do not fall into the category of lucky. So, here is part of my story.
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