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  1. S

    Possible light stress? (Help!)

    Hi Guys, I recently Upgraded to a premium LED light. I have a few seedlings (2 weeks old), and they just don't look healthy to me. Or at least not as healthy as they were under my previous much cheaper less powerful LED light. I have since consulted with the manufacturer who have advised I...
  2. B


    Are my seedlings looking healthy? Anything else I could change? Any help would be appreciated. Will all be transferred to my tent and bigger lights when all the seeds have sprouted that are going too
  3. D

    Plant has lost its green healthy colour

    Please help
  4. N

    Help! Is this plant healthy?

    Hello! I've been doing my first grow since May. I was given the seeds from someone who knew nothing about cannabis and called them 'white spider', so I assume he meant white widow. Out of 15 seedlings that survived seeds 12 have showed clear female pre-flowers with two pistils each (nothing yet...
  5. H

    Growing problems

    Hi i decided to give it a try and grow my own weed they are planted in pots with garden soil and cow manure mixed together with a 400W led grow light can this be caused by the light being to close from the plants ? sorry lol i do not know much about it
  6. MaryJANE01

    Help! Does my plant look healthy?

    First time growing any help or opinions are appreciated.. So where do i start i noticed the tips of 2 leaves turned brown but a friend of mine said this was just nute burn the plant basically had more nutrients then it needed because the soil had already nutrients in it, is this true and will my...
  7. S

    Male or female?

    It took two weeks for this girl scout cookies bag seed to show... He was healthy.. Question.. Can I save the pollen sacs for a later pollinating?
  8. H

    Burnt leaves problem

    Hi there, i grow on rock-wool 2 plants, as you can see in the picture. both get exactly the same conditions (or at least i think i give both the same condition). as you can see, the leaves of the right plant are damaged, while the left plant looks pretty healthy. the right plant is 2 weeks...
  9. K

    MA: Georgetown Selectmen Mull Recreational Marijuana Restriction Options

    With recreational marijuana possession - and eventually, commercial sale - legal, the Georgetown Board of Selectmen is looking into implementing a moratorium on it in Georgetown to allow the Planning Department to come up with new guidelines for the controversial new industry. "We're not...
  10. D

    Drooping but healthy?

    My plants all seem healthy. No spots, no red stems. Ph is fine. Temp is ok too. Any got any advice for a noob please. Cant upload a pic yet, not sure how.
  11. MadScience

    Growing healthy clone mothers

    I've been growing from locally developed seed for years and I've become rather tired of the whole sexing young plants rigmarole. So I've started experimenting with keeping a healthy set of female plants growing for an extended period of time in vegetative state for clone clippings every three...
  12. A

    Please help me to grow - I'm a beginner

    hi icant speak english very well srry but i want help to grow i have 2 seedling candy kush fast from royal queen seeds iwant to know thats normal and healthy? my light and.... please help me t now in day 7 from seed
  13. J

    Autos small - Not flowering

    Autoflower White LSD 44 days from seed, only 1 or 2 pistils and plants are short but healthy. WIll they ever fully bloom
  14. ramstimple

    Single pronged leaves

    this doesn't seem to be a drama as the plant seems to be healthy and producing pistols i was just wondering why she is producing single pronged leaves mainly at the top. Stress maybe?? unknown strain was gifted to me as a clone was veg'd for 9 weeks had a PH problem in the soil week 5' I sorted...
  15. K

    MA: Marijuana Dispensary Agreement Approved In Georgetown

    After months of negotiating, the Georgetown Board of Selectmen has approved a host agreement with medical marijuana company Healthy Pharms. This opens the way for the business to start growing cannabis for sale at 401 E. Main St., where an envelope factory once stood. Like all the other...
  16. closetcasecfl

    Wonder Woman pale and not healthy - Please help!

    Really stressed out by her. She has one dying leaf and is kinda pale. These photo's don't do it justice. The weird thing is the other girls get the same water from the same container, same light same everything and they are just fine. No pest. The leaf is yellowish and the veins are dark...
  17. S

    Leaf twisting - What does this indicate?

    Happy to be a new member! Can anyone tell me what causes leaves to twist? My 10 day old's look healthy, just wonder if there is a problem starting. Any help would be very nice! Thank you all!
  18. S

    RDWC Week 4 - Any Insight?

    buds are forming up nicely, 1750 ppm 68f res temp, 80f cab, 5.5 ph. Curious of everyone's opinion to how healthy she looks in general? I'm having a hard time judging.
  19. S

    Does my plant look healthy?

    Just curious if my plant looks like it's doing okay? Yes there is a weird amount of space on the bottom leaves because of the light I originally had it under. But besides that does it look healthy I last watered it 2 days ago with 1 cup of distilled water and the soil is still pretty moist...
  20. D

    Whats wrong with her?

    First post. Ever. First 3 plants as well. Found the 3 seeds in different high quality buds ive smoked and collected over the past 2 months or so. Spur of the moment deal honestly. Germinated the seeds, and planted them... Here's the bad... I made the n00b mistake of choosing Miracle Grow as my...
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