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    Lift Expo Vancouver 2018

    I got a push notification from Groupon about tickets for this event. I'd never heard of it before. I'm kind of surprised that a search of the forums here didn't bring up much information either, just an informational post about the same event in September of 2016. Has anybody ever heard of...
  2. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  3. B

    New kid on the bud - Nutrient advice

    Hey i like to fancy myself a grower even though i only have grown 3 using coco and Canna nutrients in a 6.5x6.5x6.5 growlab tent with a 1000w hps light. i was thinking about getting cannaboost i have heard that it increases the yield but i also heard that its bad for the plant..i just cant seem...
  4. D

    Sour Durban

    I'm growing 2 of these clones but I can't see any info or reviews of this strain anywhere. Has anyone heard of it or tried it?
  5. A

    Best light - LED

    Hey i was looking into geting a better light as i love growing and was asking my self what you could advise me . (i was looking for LED's) Also i heard the mars hydro's and the blackdog lights make great lights is it true (are the best)? thanks for your answers.
  6. G

    Should you FIM a chronic plant?

    My first time growing chronic and was thinking about fim my plants but I heard it could decrease your yeild
  7. U

    How much CBD is normally in industrial hemp?

    I am a medical user and trying to find a high cbd low thc strain and heard hemp as higher cbd than marijuana? what is the usual percentage in hemp?
  8. M

    Licensed Producers Canada Recommendation?

    I need to select an LP in Ontario ( want to avoid large shipping and wait times ) Heard good things about Aphria, Metrum, Tweed, Medleaf, Peace Naturals, Bedrocan Some appear to have more choice than others. I was looking at BrokenCoast as i heard good things but they said they aren't...
  9. ptk2k

    Stinky Indica Good For S.O.G.?

    hey all! just a couple more weeks left on my current grow, and I want to try a sea of green with 10 ladies or so for my next grow. I'm looking for a strain or two of some stinky indica to do this with! I heard sour diesel would be great. let me know what you guys think! happy growing everyone...
  10. I

    Genie 10" Water Pipe from Bongoutlet.com?

    I'm looking into getting a bong, nothing over the top, just something that works and isn't too expensive. That said, anyone have any first hand experience with this particular bong? This is the first I've heard of an ash catcher. I assume that makes for easier cleaning as well?
  11. K

    ON: 'Smoke-In' Protesters Just Wanted To Be Heard

    Multiple sclerosis sufferer Justin Loizos led a group of frustrated medical marijuana patients into a downtown intersection on Friday for a smoke session which shut down traffic. The group of about 30 protesters were diverse but united in their mission to be heard. The patients who gathered...
  12. B

    Newbie on my 2nd grow

    My name is Brad just wanted to say Hello I am new to growing just started 6 months ago. I am on my 2nd grow and it is doing well I think :cheer2: My first grow got to hot and buds were fluffy this one look good though. I am starting with t-5's for veg and 1000 hps for flower has anyone...
  13. Greenethumb42

    The Right Size Pot For Autos

    This maybe a dumb question but what size pot should I use for auto's..this is my first time growing auto's so I don't know nothing about them just what I have heard..I heard that your sapossed to start them in there final home and not to transplant them...True or False
  14. K

    Seed germination

    After receiving some seeds that I ordered online, (I won't say from which company) only two out of seven popped. The remaining seeds, after seven days I decided to try and help so I squeezed them gently until I heard a slight pop. Has anyone else ever tried this??? And, what were the results?
  15. TorturedSoul

    Anyone Heard from WheelOFortune Lately?

    Anyone Heard from WheelOFortune Lately? If so, how about asking him to give ol' TorturedSoul a "yell." (Thanks!)
  16. T

    CO2 controller

    Hey there, Recently I purchased a CO2 monitor and level controller and it's working quite well for me. I increase the CO2 in my grow room as I heard it improves growth. I also heard that supply CO2 at night is wasteful as plants do not use CO2 at night. This CO2 monitor has a light sensor so...
  17. L

    PA House vote?

    Hi all, I heard a tiny bit of info on the local news (Western PA) that the MMJ bill was supposed to be brought to the floor maybe one day next week. I looked on the state website and didn't see anything listed. Has anyone in PA (or anywhere lol) heard? Thanks a bunch :)
  18. F

    Pink Harlequin

    Has anyone heard of this strain? Apparently its an experimental medicinal strain, Pink Kush x Harlequin. With moderate THC levels and a high a CBD ratio (5:1) thats what i heard. I searched and couldnt find any more info about this strain and or pics of it. So , is this a legit strain?
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