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heat burn

  1. S

    Can anyone tell me what this may be?

    Hi everyone, this is my 3rd time growing (2nd time for autos). The 5 autoflower plants are called Expert Gorilla. They are between 4-5 weeks. And for the soil I used pro mix - hp mycorrhizae with about 30% destiny organics - dark matter My day temp is usually between 76-81 and night is 70-75...
  2. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Nutrient burn or heat or overwatering?

    I'm guessing nutrient burn....but maybe this is heat. Was hot as hell most of this week... I've had more of these leaves this week than ever. Fed them last week Friday and then again today. So maybe too many nutrients? 98% of each of the plants look amazing with an occasional fan leaf that...
  3. C

    Cannabis seedlings got hot and humid and look in bad shape - Help

    Ok so i planted these seeds aug 1st and in about 5 days they popped the surface of the dirt and so on have be 100 but ... I FU**** up got a little more medicated than i prolly should have but i fell asleep for about 35 min and left them in direct sun in this thing i have made for a humid trapper...
  4. R

    Supercropped top cola too far to prevent further light burn 2 weeks in flower!

    Hey all, first grow. As the title states, I supercropped my top cola too far to prevent further light burn 2 weeks in flower! That worked great for about a week and then I further adjusted it because it took to the supercropping better than expected. Before I ask I'll give some background...
  5. A

    Can I save them?

    Hello, Autoflowering strain - Blue Mammoth, Malana and +speed time - DAY 66 into flowering coco + compost + perlite grow bag non woven - 4-5 gal nutrient - calmag plus, florablend, hydroguard, fish emulsion + seaweed water ph - 6.5 run off ph - 6.4-6.7 INDOOR 400W HPS - Magnetic...
  6. H

    Heat stress or some form of alien sickness?help please

    hey gents, thanks in advance to anyone who has an idea of whats going on here. the grow is Gigabud, PC, Kandy Kush and Critical + and six clones of something that I took from an unknown mother which is the 28th day of flowering. all pics are today before watering soil is MG with...
  7. R

    Great White Shark - Nute Burn or Heat Burn?!

    Hey Gang- I had started growing an indica strain (Great White Shark) about two weeks ago under about five CPF's in Roots Organic soil and everything was going extremely well. The plant was healthy as could be and the only issue I had during this stage was a little excessive nitrogen...
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