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heat stress

  1. J

    New grower, need help with a seedling: does it look healthy or stressed?

    Hi guys, first ever grow. I’m not sure if my seedling looks healthy or a little heat stressed. The temps went up to 29 degrees this morning and I am paranoid that the leaves look a lil turned up? Currently it’s under a 300 watt day light cfl at around 8 inches away with an oscillating fan...
  2. L

    Seedling with praying leaves: good or bad?

    This is my first grow. Im using the strain Royal Dwarf Autoflower. My seedling is about 4 days old and 7cm tall. Im growing on my windowsill with a 100W LED light. The windowsill only really gets a lot of sunlight in the morning thats why im using the LED light with it, which im leaving on...
  3. Y

    Heat stress and silicic acid

    So I'm a first time grower on a fairly small budget, too cut a long story short i cant get my temps below 32-34'C. however i read online about silicic acid helping plants with heat stress, however i cant find much on it other then the product , has anyone got experience or tips on how often to...
  4. Cheesesteak Enthusiast

    Possible Heat Stress?

    Hi. I have two plants growing right now at different intervals and I wanted to gain a few opinions on whether this may be heat stress or if I am just the one stressing. This is my first grow, and have already gone through a lot of trial but mostly error, so very open to feedback. Here's some...
  5. O

    Yellowing crispy leafs

    Wondering if anyone can help with how my plants are looking and what I can do for them to get them back on track, they are outdoor it's hot as fudge outside I do have them in the shade there is some points of the day it get a little sun and I am going to be putting up shade cloth today. Some...
  6. 7B9BFDD6-9FF3-4871-A21D-4986C8C405B6.jpeg


    Week 4 veg Peyote Cookie
  7. P

    Small plant fried like KFC chicken can it be saved?

    My bigger plant still has greenery but burnt leaves as well its severe. I believe I should cut off burnt heat stressed leaves ? Not sure...... my Lil baby plant every leaf is burnt sad to say..... no fans tho inside grow box.... box is outside is cold out now... would that cold air make my...
  8. T

    Whooops - Severe heat stress - What do I do?

    I am growing in a 5 gallon space bucket setup. Running 4 23w cfls as well as led strip lights around the inside of the bucket for extra lighting. I haven't had any issues during the entire grow, until two days ago when I the fans accidentally came unplugged for about 4 hours. Raising the...
  9. t burn

    Tangelo rapido problems - Please help!

    first time grower, having some issues with my tangelo rapido autoflower from barneys farm. was previously really healthy but is showing some severe yellow tips. this isnt happening from the bottom leaves upwards so it doesnt reallly feel like nitrogen deficiency. shes in enriched soil and i feed...
  10. Y

    First Grow Journal - Advice Appreciated

    Hi there, TL:DR I'm new here. I think my plants experienced heat stress. What else should I do to maximize their chances of recovery? Also, they are wildly different when it comes to size, will that be a problem? INTRO: Hi there, this is actually my first grow and my first post here and I am a...
  11. N

    420's Indoor Early Vixen Grow Journal - Nov 2015

    Hi Friends, I don't want to murder any more plants. I can't seem to get no further then about 3 inches of growth. Background on me: Long time 420 smoker and big spender. I'm so mad at myself for not growing years ago. So while at the 420 spot I saw a few lonely clones and bought one for...
  12. B

    Heat Help

  13. H

    Amnesia Lemon is behaving as against gravity

    Hi All, I have a 120 cm x 120cm x 200 cm grow tent and have 9 plant in it. 2 of them is amnesia lemon. 3,5 weeks has passed since germination. I use 1000W MH with reflector located 75 cm far from plants. But one of them behaves odd like she turns leaves perpendicular to ground. Also there are...
  14. B

    leaves curling... would this be heat stress?

    This one has been vegging for a month and a half. Its under a 1000w metal halide. The soil is m3, 5gal pots, pH 6.5, the strain is super lemon haze. Temp is 75 with lights on and 67 is the coldest it gets when the lights are off. No additional nutrients have been given. Could this possibly be...
  15. T

    Help plant has suffered severe heat stress how can it be saved?

    Yo is there any experienced growers that can tell me how too save my girl she's 4 weeks into flower under 650 watt hps. Have turned light down too 400 too reduce heat .Lots of the leaves on the plant have crisped up and curling up going brown and dieing. Can my plant be saved ? How can I revive...
  16. I

    Plants looking unhappy! Help please!

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my first grow using rockwool 6'' cubes x5, Using a 5 gallon pot as a reservoir, feeding every 3 hours, about 8 cups each plant and not to waste. The nutrient breakdown is Big Bud( first 2-4 weeks flower) Calimag (when not using big bud), FloraMicro, FloraGrow, and...
  17. H

    Heat stress or some form of alien sickness?help please

    hey gents, thanks in advance to anyone who has an idea of whats going on here. the grow is Gigabud, PC, Kandy Kush and Critical + and six clones of something that I took from an unknown mother which is the 28th day of flowering. all pics are today before watering soil is MG with...
  18. Blainard

    OG18 OGkush CataractKush are in trouble! send help!

    I have built my own hydro unit after my 2nd grow. It is powered by 2- 1000watt lights. hps/MH switchable. i have my ph around 6.0 and started off too strong on the nutes at 360ppm. 3 days ago I drained the resivours and refilled with milder solution of 210ppm. my nute temp is never over 78...
  19. K

    Brown leaves / 100o temps / sprayed for mites / pics

    1. I just sprayed for mites using a combo of Bronners soap, some e-oils, vodka and water. 2% stuff - 98% water. 2. Water in this area heavily chlorinated. ( I let water sit in large container for 2 or 3 days before I water so chlorine can evaporate). 3. Temp are over 100 degrees. 4...
  20. D

    Sick plant, please help.

    Hi there. Long time lurker first time poster. Hoping someone can give me some advice to fix my poor plant. Grown from a cutting, is about 5 weeks in veg under LED. Medium is coco using nutrifield nutes. Ph is just under 7. From what I have read on the forum I am thinking it is either nute...
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