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  1. hazeluv69

    Tent too hot: Using a 1000w

    I’ve recently changed my light from my 600w hps to a dimlux 1000w I have used it before & am just entering end of veg so I thought I’d introduce the big light. It is on 600w, I have an oscillating fan and a 6inch extractor fan with ducting towards a window, it is a 1.2x1.2 tent. My issue is...
  2. hazeluv69

    Heat issue due to fan placement

    Well firstly I’m growing in coco coir, canna range , flowering week 4 ph 6-6.5, temps 25-28 lights on, humidity 50-70 mainly 50/60. Recently my temperatures have been going up to 31 degrees when I turn my oscillating fan that I have blowing air down towards the plants . Without that fan on and...
  3. Gorilla glue

    Gorilla glue

    Not as much roots from this tray. The heat pad makes the difference
  4. Heat


    Showing slight heat
  5. I

    Outdoor grow: dying plant! Can it still be saved?

    7/15/19 Just took it out of the soil today. What should I do? Keep and try to save or throw away? It’s Gorilla Glue grown in Fox Farms Soil and about 3 months old. I just add regular water and the rest of my plants are doing good except this one. The heat in Riverside is crazy hot!
  6. T

    Air cooling

    So guys n girls I'm having a tad of an issue for a couple hours of each day but I think it's going to progress as the summer perks up!! Basically I recently swapped my times over from lights on at 6am till 12am to lights on at 6pm thru to 12 in the afternoon (18hrs on 6 hrs off) to cut out the...
  7. Gnomex26

    Random yellowing started today?

    Hey guys, so before work i checked water and realized i needed to water, but when i came home 10 hours later i realized some of my very healthy plants have started blotchy yellowing to a few leaves underneath being full yellow. I am freaking out cause i have spent so much time to have issues...
  8. UKgrower320

    New tent and the heat is worse compared to my older tent

    So I bought a new tent today, it's a bud box lite 80x80x160cm I'm running a 250w HPS and a 300W CFL I used to run the same lights in a 60x60x140cm tent and the temps would be max 30.5 on a hot day. Now I've got my clip 6inch clip fan running full speed, I've got a 4inch carbon filter going at...
  9. R

    LED heat problem?

    Hello, I have a meizhi 600W 251/271W on the wall. After i buy this led my temperatures grow up on 27,7/28 the led do a lot of heat with 2 fan on, I have a cabinet with 1 fan for airflow, I’m gonna buy a filter soon, I don’t have odor problems but I have only a fan for airflow so I don’t have an...
  10. C

    First Grow, any input or advice appreciated

    Hello all my current setup is as follows 600w Vipar spectra LED fan cooled light 2x4x5.5' grow tent Plants are unknown as they were mixed bag seeds Using 1/4 & 5 gallon smart pots Plants are currently about 4 weeks old Ph is between a 6.7-7.2 Watered with RO Nutes use are FF grow big, General...
  11. Lungbutterorbs

    Heat control !

    I have a 3x3 with a mars reflector 192 currently housing my 5 12 day old seedlings. The temperature gets up to 94 without any vents opened up and with all of them opened and the door cracked its still a good 84-86. The problem is when flowering i don't want to have to vent this way bc of smell...
  12. Momma’s Kitchen

    Indica vs Sativa

    Has anyone noticed a temp difference between Inficas and Sativas? My Blueberry are starting to foxtail but the indices are thriving?! Is that a thing?
  13. HayStack

    Extreme heat

    As I get ready for my summer grow. I'm trying not to make the mistake I made last year. First a little background. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in the east bay. Typically summers here are pretty moderate. Temps usually range between 70 and 80 degrees. Two or three times a year we...
  14. BTzGrow

    My First Grow Or A Brown Thumb Account Of Events

    Good Day All, I started my first grow as a complete novice, however with the coming of age and legalization of Recreational Cannabis in California I thought it was only fair that I give it a shot. I really have very little experience with gardening or growing things. Often in business and...
  15. M

    Got big problem! First time grower

    Can I cut leaves & branches that have died due to heat stress when they're 4-5 week's into flowering
  16. G

    Best light for tent size - Heat sensitive

    Hi all, Used to be in this community years ago, took a break. Coming back it seems the tech has progressed and although I know some of this may have been asked in the past, its tough to get an up to date read on the whole light efficiency discussion. Situation: 5' x 5' Grow tent Heat...
  17. F

    Heating water

    Good morning everyone I was wondering what everyone is using to heat your water for your plants ?
  18. T

    Need help for slow growth

    I would like to know your ideas and advice for my first indoor experience because i guess i have been missing some parts that's why the process going so slow; I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL...
  19. Slinks

    Advanced Lighting & Heat Questions

    Yo yo, I was told that measuring the temperature of your grow directly in the light doesn't give a true reading so now I always measure on the edge of a shadey spot. However I have no real ideas if this is even true and if it is does anyone know why? As the leaves and buds are directly in...
  20. U

    Heat pad?

    Now that winter-grows are here, (in the northern hemi anyway). Has anyone ever used a heat pad to keep things warmer from the bottom up? Also has anyone used mirrors in the grow environment, tent, etc. ?
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