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  1. S

    Can I put a fan heater in my tent?

    Was going to use a fan heater in my tent aslong as its not blowing on plants it should be fine? Anyone use one in tent?
  2. Y

    Co2 question

    I have a 9x9 room with a 3x4 veg has 400 watt mh and 4x4 flowering has a 600 watt hps. The 9x9 has a 5000 but window unit for cooling and a small portable thermostat controlled space heater. In the winter do I need to bring the outside air in. My concern is this air will be to cold and make the...
  3. P

    Maintaining ideal tent temps in the dark period

    Hey, I have a quick question regarding temp. maintenance. I have a 2ftx2ft tent, with a mars hydro 300w LED light setup. I am wondering if the small fan heater that i have connected to temp switch will be fine to maintain temps in the dark period of my 12/12 photoperiod ? My issue is due to...
  4. DrTentgrow

    Humidity, Humidifier?

    Hello all, i am growing in a 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m grow tent which is inside a garage and has a 2kw oil heater inside keeping it warm, only problem is that the heater drys the air bringing the RH down to about 30%. i have ordered a humidifier (Vicks V-610E Warm Mist Humidifier) and was wondering if...
  5. DrTentgrow

    Low humidity, oil filled radiator?

    Hello i have just started a a grow in a tent inside a garage, because its in a garage i am using a 2kw oil filled radiator and i think having this on is drying the air because my RH is only around 30% do you think i should get a humidifier? they are in seedling stage at the moment, also i have a...
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