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  1. N


    Need to pass hair folical test for meth weed and opiates. Not heavy user but quarter once a week. Pls help!!!
  2. G

    6th Growing Cycle - Heavy Harvest Inside

    Hi guys, :Love: I'm happy to join in 420Magazine community. I'm a biologist and I grow medical marijuana for personal use. This is my 6th growing cycle (3 OUT and 3 IN) but now I would like optimize the yield and the quality of buds. I think that the perfect bloom, the quality and the smell of...
  3. DeanB

    Does she need water or is it something else?

    The plant in question is from unknown mexican weed, so I know nothing about her. I normally grow indoors but decided to put a couple outside for the summer. Another difference is I have her in about 90% peat with 10% soil from a field. The pot is heavy and I was wondering if that's from the soil...
  4. TheFertilizer

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Heavy Duty Fruity, Blackberry Kush & Frankenberry

    So I have got some seeds from local sources... 10 Blackberry Kush 3 Frankenberry 20 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (feminized) And I can get Heavy Duty Fruity for 2 bucks a seed. I paid 3 a piece for the PGSC and the Blackberry Kush and Frankenberry were free. So I am excited and not...
  5. G

    Little help please

    Ok i have 2 9 week flowering females and 2 10 week females growing in coco coir. Currently im on the 3rd day of week 6 using: PK Heavy @ 6ml/g BioBizz Bio-Bloom @ 16ml/g Floralblend @ 10ml/g GO CalMag @ 10ml/g EJ Catalyst @ 8ml/g Molasses every 2nd watering @ 1oz/g Now on my 2 9 week...
  6. G00ch

    PPM/EC for heavy flowering

    I am using floranova bloom, with an ebb and flow using clay and it says for heavy flowering use 3tsp/gal with 30 gal that would be 90tsp I added half that and i am at 1400ppm or 2.8ec so if i was to use the full amount i would be 2500ppm or so. This doesnt seem right am i missing something I...
  7. F

    how to strengthen a grow tent?

    My first grow. I have a Secret Jardin tent that holds 60 pounds. My Magnum XXXL reflector is 35 pounds, the filter is 40 pounds! The fan must weigh 5-10 pounds. Did I over-do it? Should I use a secondary pvc frame? A C-stand?
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