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    Some of what I have going on this summer '18
  2. C

    Clones & Seeds In Coco Side By Side

    I have started my 2nd grow about 3 weeks ago. 9 Huckleberry clones were planted into 2 ltr fabric pots filled with coco on the 31st January. Addiontially 1 heavyweight, green ninja seed was planted a week later into again a 2ltr fab pot with coco. And then a few days later 2 x sour diesel by...
  3. J

    Micr0gr0w3r - GROWant - Heavyweight Seeds - Ocean Grown Genetics - Loud Seeds - 2017

    Week 1 Day 7 of Flower I purchased these lights from Amazon and this is my 3rd harvest. These lights work very well. I have purchased 4 of these G3HiPAR-Series and I have ordered more lights from this company. If you have any questions on how they perform let me know as I have photos of...
  4. H

    Herbies Xmas Offer & Updates 15th December 2017

    Herbies Secret Santa Offer From today (15th December) to end of play 24th December 2017 we are offering a secret santa seed gift worth a minimum of £10 RRP with every order of £40 or over. Just enter SECRETSANTA code at checkout. Herbies Updates Back in stock — You can see...
  5. H

    Herbies New Free Seed Offer December 2017

    We have now changed our free seed offer which is active as of 15th December 2017 Herbies Main Site All Orders 1 X Heavyweight Green Ninja Feminised Seed 2 X Kerala x Skunk #1 Regular Seeds Over £50 (excluding delivery) 1 X Heavyweight Green Ninja Feminised Seed 2 X...
  6. BpoBrad

    3x3 - Multi-Strain - Light Grow

    Greetings folks BpoBrad here for my first indoor grow (I've grow outdoors but that was years ago). I'm new to indoor agriculture, I have years of experience working and farming outside so this should be fun! :welcome: The Gear: Light- Mars Hydro II 700w LED Supplentary- Sun System 150w...
  7. H

    Herbies Featured Manufacturer - Heavyweight Seeds

    Herbies recommends Heavyweights selection of fems & auto seeds. They are one of Herbies best sellers and the Heavyweight Fast & Vast Autoflowering Feminised Seed is no ordinary auto! Check out the other Heavyweight seeds at www.herbiesheadshop.com/heavyweight-seeds Heavyweight Vast and...
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