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hello world

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    Hello there.

    Hey there, new user here, figured I would try out the forums. First to test this site out we should like ask questions, get to know each other, my first question has anyone ever had a small bubbler and used warmed 100% pure maple syrup as the filter liquid. (Its actually really good, if you do...
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    Greetings :)

    Hello everyone! I'm happy I found this nice community that looks so helpful and looks like it has more buds in it than weeds, if you catch my drift :) The reason I joined is that my little plant friends are in need of a little help. They had a good start, but now something seems to have...
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    Hello! :) Need some advice on growing my first girls

    HOPE I POSTED THIS IN THE RIGHT PLACE... Hey everyone...just joined but have been reading the threads for awhile now. Just started my 1st grow 3 days ago. Bought 2 clones. 1 Skywalkerog plant which is gorgeous...already has a beautiful leaf HUGE..growing more underneath. And a Platinum OG...
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    Hey Everybody

    Im a first time grower from the Northern California / Bay Area Hows it going? haha
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