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  1. PlastekShark

    First Ever Grow: Gorilla Glue & Super Lemon Haze Auto In Coco/Soil Mix 2019

    Hello, everyone! :D Similar to what I have seen with some other posts...I am also now starting a personal grow with the legalization passing in Michigan. I had been on the fence about getting started for almost 2 years. Legalization passing was all the go ahead I needed.;) As the title states...
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    Hello from 9Dragons

    hi people, just a quick hello. got a great website here! have a great day
  4. L

    New guy from Canada saying high!

    Hey everyone I have been using cannabis for around 10 years now for stress problem and anxiety disorder and i can say that it is a lot better than any meds i have used in the past! I just started a couple of months ago to grow my own organic outside cannabis and I'm looking forward to all your...
  5. CannabiSteve

    Hello all

    Hello from AK everyone. Just a little about me, I'm a combat vet that stayed in AK when my service time was up in 2013. I then went straight into cultivating my own medicinal cannabis. Then when our state legalized recreational cannabis that became my new life. I left my job as a sheet metal...
  6. CannaDad

    Hello all!

    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. My name is CannaDad and I am a medical caregiver to a couple of clients. My grow style will be all organic and with focus on being energy efficient. I will be starting a grow journal detailing setting up my grow room and my first go at...
  7. G


    Hello 420 peaple
  8. M

    New to 420 Magazine

    Just want to say hello and happy growing to all.:joint::rollit:
  9. Fabito

    Hello 420Mag fam!

    Hello guys ;) Old stoner, decide to grow something own so i would like to say Hello and High to all the 420Mag family! I'm Fabito from Poland but im living in uk. No experience at all with growing so i hope to get some tips from you guys. My 1st two pots will be Autoflowering OG California Kush...
  10. P

    Bee pollen as nutrient

    Hello! I was wondering if be pollen would be good as a nutrient?
  11. P

    Good Morning and Happy New Year !

    Greetings from South West Florida. Just signed up and first post. Wanted to say hello to the room and looking forward Q & A and postings ! I use to do a lot of outside grows in FL. and Cali. 25 plus years ago, Been out of the game for a long time ! Trying some LED/Inside grows, For some...
  12. ckenney82

    Hello everyone - I'm new and just wanted to say hello

    Hi everyone. Im 35 I live in A legal medical and recreational state. I picked up growing as a kind of stress relief that grew into a passion is how I would put it. I am a medical patient. I use this for documented PTSD, Anxiety and mild Schizophrenia. This is my first grow ever in my life. I...
  13. R

    Hello - My first indoor ever

  14. I

    Saying Hello

    Hello from Canada. I have recently begun using The Herb for anxiety & depression. Just started a small grow! Glad to be aboard.:thumb:
  15. R

    Hello Dear members

    Hello Dear Members My name is Raj, I am new forum member here. Glad to join with 420 magazine forum
  16. H

    Hi - Hello - Hey there - Howdy - Pleasure - Hola - Sup - Pleased to meet you

    Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, I am HerbnThumb...thanks for visiting! I'm here hoping to get some tutelage during my first grow (check out the link below for details). I have limited experience helping and observing some advanced indoor grows and as a result I got the itch. I am...
  17. Michigander

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello from Michigan! I'm new to the forum. I joined just in time because after a recent move to a new home, I'm starting back up my perpetual all organic grow and I will also be starting a Journal along with it. I had a continuous grow going for well over 6 years straight and now my grow room...
  18. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone I'm new to this so hope all goes well going to be browsing for a bit to get familiar any advise
  19. B


    I've been lurking here a little bit decided I like to place and I'm probably going to stick around. On that note can somebody tell me how to edit my profile? I'd appreciate the help thank you.
  20. G

    Is this good weed

    Hello I am a newb and was wondering if this is good weed
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