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  1. M

    Autoflower looks off, final stages of flowering. should I give nutes?

    hey everyone, back with another question this is my ak47 auto, was mostly under 18-6 life cycle but was in a room with a photo so it went to 12-12 about half way through, so not a whole lot of light, also the photo did take up more room than expected. this auto is well over 90 days, but as...
  2. Cannygrow


    Hey guys I need a trained eye to let me confirm or deny my suspicions I think I might have some mites in my tent. I have no experience in this but my plants is exhibiting small holes with yellowing around them you can see some of it in the pictures. And help advice ?!
  3. NorCal0324

    My pig ate my cannabis plant: Can it survive?

    Yes... you read that right. My lovely pot belly pig snuck in and ate an entire cannabis plant I was about to switch to flowering. There are a few nodes left, one small leaf, and some tiny sprouting leaves at the nodes. Is it worth even trying to see if it can rebound? And yes, I've already...
  4. M

    New to growing

    it's my first time growing pot. I am trying with a couple ruderalis plants. One is about 2 ft tall and been growing for 4 months. I heard its supposed to auto flower, so my question is do I need to adjust the light to 12/12 or can I just leave it on 24/7??
  5. R

    Can 2x55W TCL 6500K and 2x55W TCL 2700K grow 2 plants?

    Hello, im a beginner of indoor grow and i want to ask if a 2x55W TCL 6500K and 2x55W TCL 2700K can grow 2 plants, automatic and not automatic. my box is 120x60x140. The 6500K lamps make 9600 lumens togheter and the 2700K make 6600 lumens. Can i put mammoth 2x55W 2700K in another reflector that...
  6. Vik

    Got some other problems.

    I think this is a deficit of phosphorus, but im not sure. I gave to the plants some micro nutrient that contain phosphorus inside, leaves keep look like this.. The new little leaves started to burn the tip and the colors are like jellow/brown. What could i do whit it?
  7. H

    PH rise troubleshoot

    Hi. I'm new to growing cannabis and decided to just get straight into hydro because i like a challenge... With my swinging PH levels i'm starting to doubt that decision... I wanted to start off small so i'm rolling with a 90L/h airpump in a container with 4L of nutrient solution Ph to 5.5. From...
  8. T

    First Indoor Grow: Problem Identification Help

    Hi! First post here, discovered 420magazine through reading about bud washing and Doc Bud. To the point, this is muy first Indoor Grow, I have a - 1,20x1,20x2,00 M tent, - 315w Solux LEC (CMH) - Plus simple humidifier, CO2 Boost from fungi and a little moving fan. With - 10 +Speed autos...
  9. N

    Help! Sick Plant!

    Hey there I was wondering if someone could help me diagnose the issue with my seedling. I'm a first time grower so by no means an expert. I've noticed discoloration in my leaves (white and brown marks), I've also noticed the newest leaves are curling severely downwards. I seriously cannot figure...
  10. Homegrown86

    Need opinions please

    Looking for as many opinions as possible!!! I had a clone go hermie so i got rid of it but now two male sacs have shown up on the mother plant. (see picture) I just wanted to hear the opinions of others before getting rid of the plant, Should i cut my losses or just ripped the male sacs off as...
  11. R

    Help me please! Yellow, brown, pale green leaves

    This is my first grow it’s a white widow x B.B auto growing in soil haven’t had a problem untill now it’s going a little slow anyway it’s 8 weeks 1 day old and the bottom leaves are turning a pale green and yellowish and some are going brown and crispy only towards the bottom nothing at the top...
  12. G

    I’ve faced some problems early

    Hi it’s my first time growing and in the second week of growing I made the genius mistake of giving it nutes. I gave my plants 0,5ml/l of bio grow from bio bizz, and 3 days after the plant was getting burned. Purple Bud auto white label 75% indica 1plant Seedling Indoor Soil Solo cup Only soil...
  13. J

    Anyone know what is up with my plants?

    Hello! I am a first time grower. I am currently growing Gold Leaf strain from ILGM. They were currently in their 2nd week of flower. The plants are in fox farm soil. I have 2 600w led lights about 15" above the canopy. I water them with 6.5ph water using General Hydroponics flora series. I use...
  14. P

    Help not sure what as wrong with my crop

    Hey guys really need some help into what's going on with my outdoor plant, Im pretty sure I have a thripe problem but I've sparred it an next day it looks mighty worse anyone please give me ideas or a solution to it whata going on with it, 2 weeks ago it was going amazing heaps of growth no...
  15. H

    Help - First grow

    Alright got some pineapple express auto about 2weeks old now as of today. Running cfl soft light 1200lumes. Gave em fish fert i think 5-1-1 stuff that smells horrible. Now soil i picked up viagro organic good stuff my opinion. First week plants jumped up. Light cycle 12/12. Plant 1 always looked...
  16. H

    Hi fellow cannabis lovers I need your help

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and it's a pleasure to be part of this community. I have read many posts from this site before in my initial investigations into growing cannabis so I decided to create an account and hook myself up with some serious growers and hopefully some great advice...
  17. O

    I'm a starter and I really need help soon

    So I ordered Purple Haze seeds. I got them the other day. I've put them into a bowl then put it in a box with a lid and stuck it in the dark. They've grown and I've stuck them in some potting soil. The potting soil I bought was Sta-Green. I've put the potting soil into some Solo cups and this is...
  18. 4

    First time grower here looking for help

    Been having a heck of a time with this problem. I've done as much research as I can via internet. And cannot identify the problem. I think it may be calcium deficiency but unsure some advice from true experience would be very welcome thank you.
  19. S

    Can cannabis grow in sand?

    Hi It's not an easy thing here where I live to get soil and fertilizers, even seeds are impossible to buy! that's why the lack of utilities, anyway, Is there a chance of living for a seed that been planted in yellow sands!? if so, would you please share some ideas if there any to improve...
  20. B

    Need help

    Need help with grow im 3wks in and some of the leafs have yellow spots on them,some of the big leafs started to curl upwards and some downwards. Last wed istarted feeding them 6ml M/12ml G/3ml B 1ml of cal/mal/iron. Someone also told it was much so i waited til the res was empty an fill backup...
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