help 1st grow flowering

  1. J

    Is it time to harvest? 1st time grower

    I'm at the beginning of week 7 of flower. Wondering if I'm close to harvest this is my first Grove. I'm going to post some pictures below. Thank you guys for all the advice let me know what you think
  2. B

    First grow, chalky bud top: Mold?

    Hello all. First time grower, single plant, 300W LED, unsure of strain. I’ve read a ton about mold and preventing it. Plant has been in flower for 7 weeks, everything seems great, but noticed this super white bud top yesterday. Whiter than all of the others. Is this mold? Something else...
  3. N

    Does it look okay

    I planted 5 diffrent strains and A small room putted 1000w led and 400w led in as lightning 10l pots and then i started putted water on the seed 25 october so Day 37 is now i putted some pictures please give me input and help
  4. D

    Early flowering? Trying to learn how to re-veg!

    GoodEvening 420 community! i seem to be in a unfamiliar situation . . I am in Southern California and I planted some seedlings in a plastic cup on Sept 30-Oct 2 & I just recently transferred all of them on Nov 1st. into a one gallon pot with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Its my first time growing...
  5. I

    Need help: Outdoor plant has brown pistiles

    I have an outdoor autoflower plant has been doing great. no problems and all of a sudden the pistol heads have gone brown but anrent really dry. Dont know if i should be worried, but it deffinatly looks different from my other plants
  6. H

    Hi fellow cannabis lovers I need your help

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and it's a pleasure to be part of this community. I have read many posts from this site before in my initial investigations into growing cannabis so I decided to create an account and hook myself up with some serious growers and hopefully some great advice...
  7. Lilface2016

    This is me!

    Hi everyone. I'm G, from, Portland Oregon. I have had an indoor grow that is just finishing. I was trying to get in here to get feedback earlier. I couldn't navigate this site very easily. I think I've got it now! My first is an indoor grow with medicine woman, the second is bag-seed...
  8. R

    Please help - Is my plant a hermie?

    hey guys...i'm a first time grower and i think my plant is a hermie...would you pleas tell me...?!! it's in second week of are some pictures...
  9. W

    Early Harvest? Need Help - Photos

    Hey all, first time grow and first time post. Now before you all go tits and tell me everything I'm doing wrong, let me explain. I know my plants aren't perfect and I know all the mistakes I've made during my grow, I've spent a lot of time researching and doing my best to correct problems I've...
  10. C

    New grower - Didn't plan - Need help!

    I smoke the brick weed my money can buy, and aways thought of planting my own weed so I dont have to "have a delaer", but never did as I thought it will be hard. So I made a briefly research and decided to make a small indoor grow. I got same seeds with last buy, so I dont have a clue what...
  11. P

    Problem - New grower

    High! i'm a new grower, just trying to plant something to be proud to smoke my own. i got hands on a seed and i didnt now until i topped it that was an autoflower strain. i used lst to bend the stems and get more light. im planting on soil and mixed lightings( during the day she gets all the sun...
  12. T

    Harvesting time? Need help!

    hi everyone i started a unknown seeds a while back and now i dont know if its time to harvest (40x magnifier was lost in mail :( so i have to wait another 2-3 weeks to receive it ) so i need help to know if its time to harvest or should i wait thanks any help will be appreciated thanks...
  13. I

    how did it hermi?

    hi all iv just cut down my fav plant today as i noticed it was a hermi, but wats bugging me is how???? it somthing iv done? is it a genitic thing? i never even knew this could happen until last week . :thumb:
  14. I


    one of my plants are almost hitting the light but have no room to higher it up plus they still have growing todo as their only week 1 into flowering what should i do ???
  15. L

    What if all the fan leaves are gone?

    I got some plants and most if not all of the fan leaves are gone, but its not ready to harvest. Will it die. some of the leaves from branches closest to the buds, these are what, the sugar leaves?or are those also fan leaves? anyway, the buds and its closest leaves which i know are sugar leaves...
  16. S

    could i start flowering this baby yet small grow ??

    this plant is 3 weeks almost 4 was wondering if i could start flowering as i only have small amount of room and need some quic bud and if so how long will it take to start to show signs of budding ?? cheers :peace:
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