1. agedmaster

    What is this problem

    Hi all could someone please help identify my problem strain-wedding cake 4 plants all affected grow type-hydro grow stage-flower week 3 setup-wilma dripper system nutrients-canna light-600 watt hps medium-rockwool-clay pebbles do not no ppm ive been following a grow guide ph7.0 RH-45-50 room...
  2. T

    Progress help

    Hello guys below i will post you my plant (ak-47/chicle hybrid) automatic its her 21th day from seed is my baby doing ok ? why some of her leaves are curling ? fellow growers enlighten one fellow stoner grower.
  3. F

    Abandoned First Time Growing Autoflower Grow Journal!

    FTgrowers journal 300w led Hi so this is my first grow at my new place. got lights on 24hr couple of problems they are autoflowering plants and one cheese, have been looking at this site for over a year now and decided to start growing when I moved. This is my journal for first time growers...
  4. ThcSnow

    Sc supersoil and Myco inoculation drench?

    So I grow in subcools supersoil first recipe and I'm wondering if it's safe to use Myco Fusion green 110. I have been in flower for 2 weeks and one guy jeeps telling me to use it but I'm leery because my plant has been doing awesome! I posted in the soil section but it seem like it takes...
  5. ThcSnow

    Supersoil Myco Inoculation Drench?

    I am wondering if it's safe to use water soluble Mycos in sub's supersoil? Any help would be awesome because I can't find anything saying it's a good idea or not!!
  6. D

    Abandoned Ddosed's First Grow - Week 4 Flowering - White Widow - Mystery Sativa

    Hey everyone, I vegged my White Widow girls in early April this year. I didn't have the greatest amount of light at first... and they were the 2 strongest of a batch of 10 seeds that did not germ correctly, weeks later I started these two mystery seeds who have grown into Sativas and in 6 weeks...
  7. D

    Just a few questions! Help please!

    Hi everybody! My name is Matt and I am a new grower. I purchased seeds from Nirvana, specifically Feminized White Widow. Currently I am growing two plants which are both rather healthy. Seeing as this is my first time, I have a few questions since I have had an issue arise at last. Before I...
  8. B

    Whats wrong with my plant?

    This is one about 5 weeks old and I place it outside today to get some real sun cause the leaves were really sagging and about 45 minutes later this is what happened. The leaves curled up and turned the leaves a lighter color giving them some spots. Anybody know what's wrong? This is my first...
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