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  1. T

    Need Advice or help with first grow

    This is my first grow and basicly I accidentally had the led light on both GROWTH and the BLOOM setting at the same time for 18H per day first mistake then the cylinder cent thing fell from the fan and cracked and bent the main stem on my biggest plant so I cut the stem off (fml) and now I am...
  2. B

    Accidentally split the stem in flowering - Any hope?

    hey i accidentally broke the stem... is there any chance that something good will come out of it or is it just wasting time and i should just kill it? and how bad can it affect her flowers taste and/or potency? u tried holding them together as best i could.. so far it seems to work... the...
  3. H

    Hi fellow cannabis lovers I need your help

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and it's a pleasure to be part of this community. I have read many posts from this site before in my initial investigations into growing cannabis so I decided to create an account and hook myself up with some serious growers and hopefully some great advice...
  4. groguy123

    Help! Is this too late to FIM/top? Never done it before

    Hey guys whats up. SWIM is on their third grow. First time around was just an experiment and never got to see them go to flower except for a gift given by a friendly neighbour. Last year there were no posts or updates from SWIM because they didn't think they needed any help and everything turned...
  5. S

    Smokewitme's LED Grow 2nd Grow

    Hey all I'm back with a new grow(not that anyone noticed I was gone lol), this time with leds and more plants. Hoping to get some of you to join me on this journey and help wherever possible because I will definitely need it. Here is the setup (pics coming soon) LEDs(custom built) 360 real...
  6. A

    Only small buds in my first grow indoor

    HI ALL. my first grow is outdoor in winter 12/12 form seeds. total 85 days for harvest. I watering to much and my pot is bad in Drainage so my girl is really no good when i realize roots needs more oxgen is too late for my girl to veg so i got really small girl age tall...
  7. bakesale

    Please can someone help my noobie self

    Hi all, I'm a newbie as you can tell form the title, just have a few questions: Firstly my setup: -400w led grow light -about 23" away from the herb -i'm about 3 weeks in okay so firstly why are the tips of my leave turning yellow, i'v fed them nutes about week and half ago but they...
  8. R

    Please help - Is my plant a hermie?

    hey guys...i'm a first time grower and i think my plant is a hermie...would you pleas tell me...?!! it's in second week of flowering...here are some pictures...
  9. B

    First time grow I need advice

    I am finally a homeowner! What better way to celebrate than with my first grow! It's going to be in my attic I live in a ranch home. So minimal space. I ordered 3 auto flowering seeds of New York diesel, 1 seed of Critical diesel , 1 Og Kush seed and they threw in 2 more auto flowering. I'm...
  10. J

    Just bought Candy Cane seeds - Need help

    Hello i just bought some candy cane seeds and i am in need of some help of what ill do after i germinate them.... I will be growing them indoors any one that could please help me let me know i would like to have all the stuff ready thank you
  11. I

    Condensation in my tent sometimes - Is this normal?

    It's it normal for me to sometimes open my tent an theirs drips of watch coming from the top ???????:
  12. F

    My leaves are going pale and burning up - Please help

    What Strain is it? 2x ogre 1x purple ryder 1x young easy ryder 2 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Flowering Stage... How Long...
  13. L

    I need help on pH

    ok im new to this site and need some help , ok so i got 4 outdoor plants that are in early veg state, i have been feeding them seasol(seaweed extract) and osmocote, ill be buying powerfeed tomorrow anyways my question is with the pH changing, do i change it by getting water leaving it overnight...
  14. H

    Blue Mystic and Full Moon - Please help

    hi first post very nervous. also im dyslexic so i apologies in advance for that as well. In summary: third grow seeds- blue mystic and full moon non feminized despite the fact all seven seem to be females. Room- new grow room 47 long 35 wide and 51 height in the front 31 weight in the back...
  15. S

    Hi new to 420 need some advice please

    Hey guys I just want to know If it's possible to get 40 pounds out of my set up 3 gal pots 88 of them feed to wast I tip and am LST with good nuits with 14x1000 gravitas with 45sq meters
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