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    Help needed

    I have two plants in a 18x24x65 ins cupboard with a 150 CFL light and I also have a 4" extractor fan in place but not yet used I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advise it would be a massive help Thanks in advance
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    Nice to meet you - Some opinions please

    whats up guys? first, not sure its the right thread, so if it isnt, please tell me where to post. So this is a funny story, I started growing my plant outside 2 months ago - 5 days, Now, i know its wrong since in my country the days get longer till mid augost. after repotting it and giving it 3...
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    Should you stop using c02 on the last 3 wks of budding? anyone! Ive heard it don

    t help in resin production! will i have to harvest early ??? thanks jonnyred51
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    Hello everybody, it's my first time posting so I hope I know what I'm doing.. I've just started growing a JH auto running light 24 hours using a big CFL but for some reason this is what happened... please help
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    Random plant is growing in my backyard!

    Well i go out this morning to look for a rake and well, I found something very interesting! A marijuana plant is growing in my backyard I have done anything to it, watered it or etc, I saw the plant was slouching so i propped it up with 2 sticks. I want to know if this would be okay to let it...
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