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  1. J

    First gorilla grow - Help

    I relised growing season is coming faster then I thought and wanted to get some help on my first grow. One of my first issues is the strain I want a hybrid that favors sativa more and something that can grow up in the northern parts of the usa. Also I have some different bags of soil laying...
  2. J


    My plants start good then they start to dry & leaves curl. It's a DWC aeroponic system. Ph at 6.5, using advance nutrients products, i tried different medium & lights, sun lamps, full spectrum all with the same out come. I'm at a loss... I'm even have a couple in soil that are starting to do...
  3. P

    First Time Grower - Using A Grow Tent!

    hi ppl i just got a grow tent its 100x100x200cm and a 400w hps im 16 day in to grow from seed now. and wond like it if you cud help me on my way. i will add sum pic my ph.6.3 ppm236 28.1c 52%
  4. D

    Any tips or constructive criticism for my plants or grow area?

    using a 200 watt led for 2 in pictures and a 90 watt led for more seeds smaller less bushy plaant vanilla kush the other is afghan kush
  5. M

    New to outdoors need advice

    This is her so far.. Planted in a medium flower pot around the middle of February (north Florida area) but didn't think she was goin to make it bc i planted kinda early and had a couple low 30 nights she managed to survive..transplanted her to the ground maybe 3 weeks ago. She was one of 2 bag...
  6. K

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Whats up everyone, I am an outdoor medical grower from Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I grow medically for myself as well as another patient. I also find growing these plants as an amazing hobby. Watvhing the plant grow from seed to actually smoking it is an awesoms procsss. I have been...
  7. infam0us420

    First Grow and Would Like Input?

    First let me fill in a few answers for you to start with.. What Strain is it? Wite Widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?Hybrid How Many Plants?2 in intervals Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering Stage... How Long...
  8. WizHigh

    Dramatic Change In my Plants Health!? Please Input Needed!

    Plants are in 4th week veg. Im planning on doing a 2 month veg cycle. I just got a MH/HPS lamp 400w. Switching from a T5 HO 4bulb, was also using other lights. My plants was nice and perky before switching lighting. Ill show before and after picks. I watered 2 days ago using 4ml Grow and other...
  9. G

    veg problems

    All my leaves are starting to look like this is this nutrient burn, or my lights burning them Im in desperate need can someone please. Help me
  10. J

    First Timer - Need Help - Video

    How to Grow Mary J: Vegetation Stage - YouTube First Time Grower Indica Og Kush 14 plants flowering - 5 days closet grow 2'x6'x5 soil - miracle grow potting mix (too late) 8" pots 2 - 400W HPS two fans, but not really air cooled, leaving closet cracked since i added two hps lights its at...
  11. H

    First Grow, Few initial questions

    I am looking into starting to grow in the shed in my garden in an old kitchen cabinet, i have been looking at a 120w MH light to start with. I have been told that polystyrene foam is a better option than foil to line the grow space. i will be using two wall fans in the area, one to extract air...
  12. M

    Hello all im new and im in need of help!

    Ok so name is Josh and i need some help because ive never grown a plant till now.It all started with a bet i was like i bet you cant get one to grow blah blah etc... now i have a 4 1/2 female and ive just started the 12/12 like 20mins ago and now i need help any would be greatly...
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