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  1. N

    Spots on fan leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm at the 3rd week into flowering, and I have been noticing these spots on some of my bottom fan leaves. It's my second time growing and I have no clues on how to fix it and if I have to be worried about it. Thank you so much
  2. Km021

    Auto seedling issue please help my lady

    Hey guys Hope you all doing fine Actually i have a issue with my WW auto With slow growth and recently its young leaves are getting burn and kind of bending from middle of it. Could somebody help me to save my lil WW auto? Ph of watering : 6.5 Ph of my soil tested : 6.4 Medium ...
  3. C

    Newbie needs some tutoring

    How's it going fellow 420ers well I just want some advice it's my first grow and it's outdoors. (SHE) I pray it's a female, is about 5 to 6 weeks old. Shes a mystery seed. I live in Cincinnati Ohio so I do believe it's perfect weather, idk like I said first time grower with concerns with...
  4. C

    help me! tent sizes! new grower

    hi guys im kinda new to growing i have grown a few plants before ive decided its time to upgrade and get a tent! i was looking to grow 10 plants to a decent size and was wondering what tent size you guys recommend or what brand or even the best grow tent kits? im looking at doing a soil grow...
  5. L

    Omni Puriclean 32 oz. drug testing HELP!

    Whats goin on people I need some help. I gotta drop in 6 days for my probation and I know I'm dirty so I bought one of those omni puriclean 32 oz. drinks and I got a packet of gelatin and a b-12 and a creatine pill when I bought the drink. My question is will this work, and can my probation test...
  6. M

    dwc with no power! what do I do?

    I'm going to be in the 5th week of flowering when the electricty goes off for 10 hours next week. How do I keep her alive with no air pump to keep the bubbles flowing?!?! will she be alright for 10 hours in the dark without an air pump?
  7. WizHigh

    ZINC Deficiency Is taken Over My Plants. In Need Of Help!

    PH of my soil is 6.5-6.8. I already know its a zinc def. At first im thinking maybe a zinc def due to lack of nitrogen but now Im thinking its a zinc overload. ive also been using tap water which can cause a zinc def due to to much chlorine. But ive been using water conditioner which kills...
  8. WizHigh

    Cloning Young! Young forever!?

    Ok as many of use go threw with our plants is that the branches underneath all of the fan leaves doesnt get much light. Well Instead of cutting off the fan leaves that the plant store food from why not just clip those branches for clones? I have a 3 week ending veg plant and I want to clone a...
  9. WizHigh

    Whats the best way to fix an Nitrogen Overload def?

    Its been two weeks and I transferred one of my plants twice already because IDK if its the PH of the soil or what?? Im stop giving nutes and just been feeding with water with super thrive and CaMg+ added to the mix. also kelp. I flushed twice since this started with PH water and ive also used a...
  10. WizHigh

    LST or Super Crop?

    OK, heres the thing my plant is growing out of control and its short and bushy. Theres not enough light getting to the inside of the plant. The stock is extra thick and I was thinking of supper cropping but fear of snapping the stem all the way off. So I lean more towards LST. I just topped it 3...
  11. WizHigh

    Flushing In Hydro to fix a Phosphorus deficiency? Help!

    CFL lights 5x 100w 18/6 Hydro using croutons as medium PH level 5.5 - 6.0 FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Age Old Kelp, Super Thrive Noticed 2 days ago that 2 of my plants started to slow in growth. There going on 2 weeks veg. Also noticed the bluish color on the outer trim of the fan leaves...
  12. S

    Need help

    Okay so im trying to grow sour diesel and 3 kings an i need a little help... So i only bought two seeds for $30 and one was cracked i was wondering if that affects anything? And also i have been soaking them for over 12 hours and nothing has happened!! Should i be worried or no they look healthy...
  13. S

    How Long For a blood test

    HEy guys, i smoked on saturday night, its monday. I have to get my blood drawn tomorrow,it will be used to see if i have allergies or am hyperactive to certain chemicals. I have read that if it isn't a test for marijuana specifically it won't be found, but i was wondering what u guys...
  14. B

    first time grower (autos)

    hi all! never done one of these online journals before but thought id give it a go as i have pretty much 0 knowledge on the subject. well what i do know i dont no as facts just hearsay. bassiccly like everyone out there paying for bags is a nessesity! fook that! im just a man with a...
  15. K

    Need Help: Extracting THC Using Alcohol

    Hello 420, I am a new member and am coming to you guys with some questions. Recently I received some cab (leaves of the cannabis plant), with about 6% THC in them. I am trying to extract the THC from them and currently have them soaking in 99% Ethanol Alcohol. I am wondering if this will be...
  16. Pisces-420

    Should I start flushing my AK-47?

    On Weds. 1/25 she will be 7 weeks into flowering. 150 watt CFL 2700k. DWC system with a 5.8 PH. About 50/50 red to white hair ratio and only on the sixth week did the buds start to swell. Should I start the 2 week flushing process? Post pics in one min.
  17. Hugh Splith

    Abandoned 2nd Attempt - DP Blueberry

    Hey people! I'm about to go in (AGAIN!) on the quest for the smoke of my dreams - 'blue' Blueberry. My last attempt was a complete disaster, however I was a virgin and a lot more focused on financial gain. This time around, I have a completely different m.o. and I just want to achieve my...
  18. S

    When to flower

    hiya all im a rookie here and doing my first dwc with cfls grow, so far so good with my bag-seed baby, no real problems so far, apart from a odor problem which now has been corrected, thanks guys for all the info on that one :thanks: but now i have another question........"when should i start...
  19. F

    Clones wilting? Help!

    Hey people, Just came across 420 on google and must say its probly the biggest n best source of info iv found on the net so far! I need a little help , im attempting my second grow so im still new to all this There are about a week old , they rooted the rock walls so i planted into...
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