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  1. WizHigh

    Having a Nitrogen PH soil problem - Please Help! Pics!

    This is my first grow sorta second. My first plant I tryd to grow died. So im trying again. Its a definite nitrogen toxicity. I flushed once but with was before transplanting into organic soil. I have sulfur thats also organic that I plan on using and I want to make it into a tea. Question is...
  2. WizHigh

    Unknown Strain wondering if I should top? About to put in bigger pot. Help!

    T5 54w HO switching to CFL Medium Scotts soil/coco coir. Switching to organic soil/coco coir 2nd week into veg. FloraNova grow/bloom + FF Grow Big + Molasses + Age Old kelp +Super Thrive I dont know if I should start topping or let it grow normal. Dont know what strain it is. It looks...
  3. T

    Help! Plant leaves are spotting then dying

    Please Help
  4. F

    are these males?

  5. xEnl1ghtenedx

    First grow plan - need input

    Hello! I have been reading these forums for years now, and finally made an account. This is what I'm planning on doing. My veg space is about 5' by 4' and has varying heights. My flowering space is about 5' long 3'wide and about 6.5' tall. I will be using 2 GH waterfarms ( I own three...
  6. D

    High to u all

    Hello ppl I'm here to gain some valuable knowledge on growing.... I have 3 stealth hydro deep water culture sets. For lighting I have a 1000 watt MH/HPSdimmable digital ballast with 19" batwing reflector. I have a closet that is 2x4x8.... I will be growing Big Devil from Sweet Seeds....the dwc...
  7. T

    Clone Help Needed

    how many generations till a clone is useless? or can they go forever if you take care of them properly?
  8. S

    Late stage pollen sacks appearing, need help

    Have about 2 weeks left in my budding and just noticed that a few pollen sacks have appeared. I have noticed that some pollen has fallen out while trying to remove them and with the fan on I can only imagine that it has spread throughout the room. Is there anything I can do to make sure that...
  9. L

    Strange Yellowing just one part of leaf please help?

    Im having some issues with my G-13 strain, just part of the leaf is yellowing and curling up i grow in soil with advance nut. any ideas?????
  10. N

    Disease/Deficiency Problem

    The yellowing and dying of the leaves starts on the outside edge and eventually leads to the death of the leaves, it has currently spread to every plant i have and i am unsure how to proceed. I have sprayed for mites, and for fungus, i belive its a deficiency but I can't be certain. I appreciate...
  11. N

    New T5ho Grow Sat or Ind? Help Looking OK?

    using 4 4ft T5HO vertical,6" inline vortex fan. Home made Stealth Box 22"x22"x5' Not sure what these are Sativa,Indica or Hybrid? Guess you guys will tell me! Thanks in advance. Been flowering on 12/12 for 4 weeks today! Started flowering sept 29 2010. happy anniversary Ladies half way...
  12. S

    Recommend good seed?

    Can anyone tell me where I can order some good seeds that wil actually make it to the US, Florida to be exact.... would help me very much.. ThankS 420!!!!!! :peace: :rollit:
  13. N

    Trinity side by side Super Closet....I need help

    last monday i planted 15seeds in 1" rockwool cubes... i messed up by putting them in nutrient water 1st instead of just regular water. Two of the 15 seeds have already started to grow above ground and are about 4-5 inches tall with their 1st set of leaves...if any of you are familiar with the...
  14. S

    Help please

    how do I become a legal marijuana grower ( for large quantities) to be able to supply to doctors and pharmacies in Michigan. I live in Michigan on 10 acres of property and was thinking of growing for medical use but to supply it directly to the physicians and pharmacies. If anyone has any info...
  15. D

    Hello all

    Hello im Dandylion Kincaid a medical grower in southern Nevada las Vegas area and i run a consulting business for New medical grower to learn how to grow and and supply the with a variety of medical strains ready to induce flowering i do not charge but respectfully ask for a small percentage of...
  16. parkergillesp

    Help Needed; Damaged Leaves

    Strain - 2 Ice, 2 Shug(??) # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Early Veg Setup - Top Drip Light - 400 Watt MH Nutrients - General Hydroponics Basic Medium - Rockwool cube in hydroton clay. RH - 40% to 46% Room Temperature -78 to 84 Pests - None known Hey all, I transplanted some...
  17. parkergillesp

    please help with leaf diagnosis

    These are off of clones that were transplanted a week ago. They were all green when I got them. All I know is that the person who cloned them used Bang (some kind of pesticide), I am not sure if that has anything to do with this though. Has anyone ever encountered these symptoms before? Any...
  18. Hugh Splith

    Be Gentle, I'm a Virgin.

    :headbang: alo peeps! i've been using this site for research and just admiring other farmers work for some time, but its my turn now! I've got a great lil project I'm working on. Will fill you guys in shortly... HOLLA
  19. G

    Help for new greenhouse grow

    Hi I was recently prescribed medical marijuana in Humboldt County. That means 99 plants..... with a 100 square foot canopy. Staying within the canopy restrictions are important to me. Want to do it organically in a greenhouse. This will be my first grow alone and in the "driver's seat."...
  20. R

    Big clone problem

    Hi there!, I'm a newbie to the growing of the happy herb and i'm having issues. I was given two red skunk clones about two weeks ago as a thank you for minding my mates house. They were contained in two cubes of a rockwool cube type material. I had them sitting outside in the sun for about...
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