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help with lighting

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    Hello all

    Hello im Dandylion Kincaid a medical grower in southern Nevada las Vegas area and i run a consulting business for New medical grower to learn how to grow and and supply the with a variety of medical strains ready to induce flowering i do not charge but respectfully ask for a small percentage of...
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    I will soon be legal and was hoping someone out there would be kind enough to help me with my growing. My state has a limit to how many plants I can have. I am allowed 6 total. I was thinking 1 mother then switching between 2 clones and 3 flowering to 3 clones and 2 flowering. I was...
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    Problem with Lowryder

    Hey - I'm a frist time grower on a massively tight budget and I'm having some weird growing patterns emerging with my lowryder plants. I managed to get some professional grower's compost, decent nutes and good seeds from online but wasn't able to afford any good growing lamps. I read somewhere...
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