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  1. cbgb

    Seed caps

    hey 420 !!!!! at what point is it necessary to help remove the seed cap ? i have a lot of grows where i have helped the cap off. i just planted two beans after germinating them via the sponge method . they germed in about 72hrs w/ a root tip about 3/4 -1 inch long ... placed them in soil...
  2. P


    Last few weeks, I've noticed a LOT of condensation on the inside of my grow tent. The inside of the tent is basically soaked. What causes this? is this bad? If so, how do I stop? The tent is pretty much all closed up. I opened one of the vents last night, but if it helped, it helped only...
  3. G

    Best Growing Accessories

    Title says it all. I came across something called LST Tops. saw them in a few youtube channels and ended up making my own! I want to know what you guys are working with that has helped you and/or is something you guys cant imagine working without. TrimTray is another one for me...