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  1. C

    Trimming fan leaves

    Black Indica has large fan leaves. Will they reduce production by blocking the sun? If so, is it helpful to trim the the biggest or does that harm the plant?
  2. R


    First time grow. Have a grow tent, fan, filter... Would appreciate any helpful tips. I am retired, 61 years young
  3. M

    White Widow Feminized Auto

    Have a few questions about these. If you can help, I'd appreciate it. When is it recommended to start feeding these? What is the light cycle best suggested? Any other information would be helpful also, new to all of this, and I'm growing in dwc with Viparspectrum 900w Reflector LED, with a...
  4. L


    I am new to 420. My partner and sister-in-law both have terminal cancer. I am assisting them in using the herb as curative, or at least helpful. I am looking for medical grade seeds to grow plants for juicing and oil.
  5. G

    Need tips on topping a plant

    Any tips would be very helpful
  6. Y

    Original Skunk #1

    My first time growing this strain any helpful tips would be appreciated
  7. J

    Needing some advice

    hi everyone i'am jerry and would like to know if all the fibers should be brown when it is fully ready or just the majority of them as a mate has told me that it is stronger if some are white is it true at all,all answers will be helpful thanks
  8. T

    Zinc and Papin Latex

    I've recently read white papers on these two items effects as adulteratnts in unite testing. Would ingesting either or both be helpful in passing UA for THc-COOH?
  9. SewStoned

    Crop King Seeds is awesome

    Ordered my blueberry and dutch treat on Fri, sept 23rd. Arrived 3 days later, monday sept 26. Super fast shipping, helpful customer service, great looking seeds! Will definately order again!:thanks:
  10. CMJJMC2000

    Dwarf Low Flyer

    I've searched the forums and haven't found a start-to-finish guide/journal on this strain from Crop King. Crop King, any advice, tips or other things that should be known about this specific strain? The review on your site have been helpful, but didn't know if there were any resources folks here...