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  1. Virgin ground

    Closet Farming With Barney's Gorilla Zkittlez, G13 Haze, Triple Cheese & More

    Hey y'all! I'd like to welcome you to my journal sponsored by Barney's Farm Cannabis seeds! I was contacted by Barney's awhile back and was asked to run some strains for them. I was excited at the opportunity set before me and I can tell you that it was very, very difficult choosing between all...
  2. G

    TripleG's Apartment Based Breeding Grounds

    I've been running the same journal for over 6 months now. Figure it is time to put that puppy to rest. It is very long and packed with tons of real world learning experiences, but the title doesn't match what's going on in my world in any way whatsoever. Fresh start. Been putting it off for...
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  6. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco's Autoflower Journal

    I’ll be transitioning over to this journal as I finish my photo period plants in a few weeks. Going to Miami on Friday for a cruise to the western Caribbean for a week. Goodbye snow and -30 wind chills. Hello sandy beaches and sunshine!! Wake and bake with the ladies!! Pain was pretty bad...
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    Kusk bagseed clone. 28 days from cut. Mom confirmed female and in bloom. 100% perlite hempy.
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    Auto Hempy grow
  12. G

    Purple Zebra x Columbian Red Point & Durban Bubble x CRP In Hempies LED & CFL 12-12 From Seed

    Growing setup... 32"x48"x60" tent 1 mars300 led 250 watt 2100k fluorescent in wing reflector 192 watts of mixed spectrum 23 watt cfl's Grown in fish aquarium gravel hempies with about 2" of coco/perlite/vermiculite as a cap to start seeds in. Nutes are KISS maxibloom only. Lighting schedule...
  13. N

    Hempy bucket question

    I started some seeds in root riot plugs i put them directly into a 5gal hempy bucket a few days after they sprouted. I know this was a mistake but circumstances dictate sometimes. Theyve been in the buckets for alittle over a week and no new growth. They look healthy they just dont grow. My...
  14. N

    What Started As DWC Turned Into Hempy

    Just like the title says. I started my 2nd dwc but after battling temp issues and some slime I decided to switch to hempy buckets. I chose hempies because they seem pretty simple and I'm somewhat lazy. Running 2 strains this time around. I've got some True OG and King Tut. For veg lighting...
  15. SweetSue

    Hempy Headquarters

    Ultra Dawg (Day 86, flip + 18) I potted up a clone of Thin Mint GSC today, the latest of my hempy plants, and dropped a new seed in another hempy cup, a Blue Dream, the genetic product of MagicJim's talented hands. :4: :Love: I'm hoping I can make the Blue Dream as healthy and strong in...
  16. Z

    Hempy question about improving taste - Soiless Medium

    Hey, guys. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum section. I tried finding a subcategory for HEMPY but found nothing and this is as close as I could get to it. So i'm starting a SOG with a variety of experiments - I have some starting in 1 gallon pots with soil, coco, and hydroton pebbles...
  17. medman47

    Low pH in runoff coco in Hempy Bucket

    The PH of the runoff in my coco Hempy Buckets is 4.9 - 5.0 I've read that it should be about the same as the PH going in which is 5.8 - 6.0 does this mean I've got a nutrient lock out and if so what should I do to try to break the lock out?
  18. Gauge Steel

    Gauge Steel's House Warming Party - Cookies & Kush With Hydro Downstairs - Welcome

    Welcome Everyone. New Journal with cool new stuff to see and do. Mostly laugh at my ignorance. Nah we have fun. Gaugetown is full of some great people and phenomenal growers from around the world. I would like to think this collection of visitors has at least 25% of what anybody needs to...
  19. K

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket Grow Veg - 250w MH 18/6 Flowering - 400w HPS & 150w led 12/12 Training - Topped once and tied down with defoliation 100% perlite in 3 gallon bucket Lucas formula with General Hydro nutrients mixed in RO water
  20. G

    Hempy Bucket Mainline WW x BB Lucas Formula 100% Perlite

    Hi Everyone. After being inspired by contributors on this forum, here is an experimental hempy bucket grow for your consideration Special thanks to King426 for the inspiration. Strain - White Widow x Big Bud. Method - Hempy Bucket, 2.5 Gal, 100% Perlite. Technique - Mainline...
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