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    Frosty herb from my garden this morning
  2. Mocha420

    Yellow leaves

    So, I have a Dark Devil Auto from Sweetseeds at day 84 about 30% amber trichs and im about to Harvest.. My question, because a follower on Instagram said something about it is.. Does a plants leaves need to be yellow before harvest or are them being green okay and does them being yellow make...
  3. W

    Help! Leaves curling down and becoming crispy

    I’m growing an Auto Glueberry plant, I honestly don’t remember how old she is but she’s between 60-90 days old. Hasn’t started flowering yet. 1 LED light (1000W ?) grow room 5 x 4 x 2. Soil: promix Gluey is getting too tall for her tent. Kinda worried now.
  4. V

    Healthy Rips Fury2 Vaporizer Glass Adapter Glass Mothpiece Glass Bubbler 3D Flow Booster

    Fury2 was good vaporizer very small in size and very popular in USA. as well as their water tool attachement. now all avaiable in vapingfans store/// Fury2 clear glass mouthpiece Fury2 50% Black glass mouthpiece Fury2 Universial Adapter Fury2 Glass Bubbler Fury2 3D flow booster ...... The 3D...
  5. Ron Strider

    The Atmos Boss - A Review By Aaron Quix

    Although a bit large for pocket carry and concealment, I'd go as far as to say that the Atmos Boss is my favorite dry herb portable vaporizer to date. Firstly, it does still fit in the pocket, even wearing pants that aren't baggy. Secondly, and most importantly, it produces a very high...
  6. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Technology Company HERB Raises $4.1 Million In Seed Funding

    HERB, a cannabis technology company with the most engaged cannabis community in the world, is pleased to announce it has raised $4.1 million in seed funding. This funding will go towards the launch of its new technology platform, the growth of HERB's video studios, key new hires, and two new...
  7. J

    OK To Feed Vaped Herb To Plants?

    Hi Is it Ok To Feed Vaped Herb to Plants? thx
  8. D

    The Kind Pen's TruVaMini+ Dry Herb Vape Pen - A Review By Doc Bud

    This review progressed in an unusual manner. My first vape of the day was to review this dry herb pen and I'll admit I was just slightly off in my mood and confess to being disappointed I had to review "one of those lame dry herb vapes." Yes, I've used these sorts of mini and slightly larger dry...
  9. H

    Want Not - Waste Not

    My Scots friend Hagis McBagpipes and I were were harvesting the scissor hash that had accumulated during a bud trimming session. As the Scots say: "many a mickle make a muckle" so it's only frugal to care for our medicine as well as the mickles. This concern for wasting-not carries on in...
  10. A

    How to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

    Learn how to fill and use your dry herb vaporizer smoking steps as follows: Steps 1: Choose the fresh dry herbs(weed), ensure it's not get mildewed, high quality herbs can give you more pure vapor. Steps 2: Use a grinder to break down herbs/weed, you can use small plastic herb grinder...
  11. B

    Vaping: E-liquid versus dry herb

    A few months ago I switched from smoking joints to vaping dry herb and as a result I have been able to cut down my weed consumption by half. I love vaping dry herb but recently when I was browsing my dispensary's website they sell e-liquids as well. The thought of switching to e-liquid appeals...
  12. PurpleGunRack

    Best dry herb vape pen

    Hi 420! What's your favorite vape pen for dry herb and why? I have a Yocan 94F, but I'm looking for a pen with a heating chamber in stead of a coil. :Namaste:
  13. O

    Why I grow outdoors

    The short answer is because I can. Both as a producer and consumer I favor the lesser environmental impact, cost and aesthetics of the outdoor grow. There are those who categorically prefer indoor grown herb. It reminds me of a neighbor in blue collar Boston who when asked if we might take some...
  14. B

    MMJ Balm/Cream & Decarbing

    Just wondering -- I have been reviewing recipes for cannabalm. At the few that I have looked at, none have mentioned decarbing the product. I understand the concept of decarbing, but what I can't figure out is; 1) do I need to decarb the herb for it to be an effective balm? 2) if so, the...
  15. R

    Unlikely Partner In The Fight Against Weight Gain: Cannabis?

    The mainstream media, pharmaceutical firms, and alcohol companies want you to associate cannabis use with lazy stoners who make late-night runs to Taco Bell due to extreme cases of the munchies. And while there may be regular consumers of herb who live a sedentary, snacking-based lifestyle, they...
  16. Heraldo

    Storm or Flowermate Aura?

    I'm looking for a new portable vape (had the iolite back in the day but gave it up because it dried my throat out and I got tired of buying butane). I have my eye on the Storm by Vapefiend (not completely convinced though) and the Flowermate aura (can't find enough info). Anyone used them? If...
  17. Aaron Quix

    ViVape V.2 Vaporizer review

    The ViVape V.2 by Vaporfection, provided by Vaporstore.com With so many choices in vaporizers on the market, I've found that shopping for one can be down right discouraging trying to fit a price point, quality and value all into one purchase, while having no idea how well the product works until...
  18. J

    Hello 420 members!

    hey everyone. hope everyone's new year is going well. Oh where to start. i am a huge fan of medical marijuana. i am a patient in state of Michigan. I stumbled upon "weed" about 3 years ago. Just tried it to see what the fuss was about being "bad". I laughed my butt of for not reason, friend...
  19. C

    How do you like my girls?

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  20. P

    Where can i buy a grinder in Charlotte NC?

    I've been lookin everywhere but I can't find any head shops in this city? and I don't want to order online too much trouble to go through [no credit card] so anywhere i can buy?:smokin2:
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