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  1. Hemp-EaZe

    Hemp-EaZe Hemp ROOT Therapy is healing at the ROOT of the problem

    Hemp-EaZe Therapy, Rejuvenate the circulation, invigorates cellular growth, and stimulates deep tissue healing. 100% Organic. Hemp-EaZe is a 9 herb healing mixture; Cannabis ROOT, comfrey root, Burdock root, lavender, sage, lobelia, Calif. Bay, hyssop, and Myrrh Gum. Hemp-EaZe...
  2. Hemp-EaZe

    Celebrating 15 years since the creation of Hemp-EaZe!

    It’s been 15 Years Since Creating the Hemp-EaZe formula. We have indeed come a long way from the little batch of hemp root cream that I made for myself and family, to a growing herbal body care business on our little farm in Northern California. We're Celebrating all the month of July and we...
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