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    Making e-liqud from vaped weed

    I currently vape dry herb but I am thinking about switching to e-liquid which I plan to make myself. I have watched some youtube videos and have learned that the weed needs to be decarbed in order for the e-liquid to reach it's full potency and vaping is a form of decarboxylation. Has anyone...
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    Need Some Vaporizing Tips!

    How to Quit Smoking with the Help of Volcano Vaporizer? kindly give me your suggestions..thanks...
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    Getting Caught With Throat Infection Using Volcano Vaporizer

    With my friends advice I started using volcano vaporizer but after I started using it. Frequently I am caught with throat infection. Do we have any side effects in using these vaporizers? Please share your thoughts and I want to first get rid of this throat problem.
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    What is the difference between vaporizers and marijuana?

    what is the difference between vaporizers and marijuana?
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