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    Help Me

    Hi guys, im located in malaysia and are interested to buy some seeds from herbies, unfortunately they do not accept cards and i do not know how to use bitcoin(pls dont bother asking me to try it or anything ) and when i googled some forum stated that herbies accept western union but when i check...
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    Herbies Seeds Updates 7th November 2018

    Back in Stock - You can see the full list on Herbies Back in Stock Page Spliff Seeds White Widow Regs Samsara Spicy White Devil Fems Breaking Buds Brownie Auto Fems Seedism King Kush Fems Lady Sativa Genetics English OG Regs Reserva Privada Tangie Regs (Cup Winner) Dutch Passion Auto Critical...
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    Herbies Now Taking Bitcoin

    As from yesterday 13th June 2017 we are able to take Bitcoin payments. To anyone who hasn't used Bitcoin before you can find info when you click on our banner at the top of Our home page There are a few wallet providers that seem to have clear and simple instructions on getting started...