1. S

    Abandoned First Time Grow - Jack Herer Strain

    So after reading a lot on this website decided to start my own grow. Finally have post count up to start one of these. Using happy frog soil. Germinated 3 feminized jack herer seeds. All are growing. Temp is about 72 with humidity of about 23. Using a hydrofarm 400 light.
  2. Jackalope

    Greenhouse Seeds - Jack Herer

    Has anyone run Greenhouses, Jack Herer? I had 2 that seemed to acted like a auto flower. They went beyond just showing sex and kept showing more and more hairs. They also started putting on crystal at the same time and continue to do so. Jack Herer has always been known for lots of pheno's so...
  3. onewarmguy

    CKS Auto Jack Herer - Indoor - Week 11-12

    Hey All: Here's a little update on my Autoflower Jack Herer from CKS. Miracle Mix (sterilized potting soil with neutral Ph) in 5 gal cloth pots- 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes. Here's some new photo's, things seem to be coming along nicely. They're now in their 4th of 9 weeks...
  4. D

    Jack Herer strain grow question

    Hey guys I have never grown a sativa strain. But am planing to grow Jack Herer strain. However i got told that it can grow to 2 meters. I want it to max grow to 1m. I was thinking of trying to learn about LTS growing. But i was hopeing i could avoid that. By ruining lights at 12/12 from...
  5. A

    Abandoned Outdoor Jack Herer & Kurple Fantasy Grow

    Starting off the summer growing Emperial Genetics kurple fantasy and Dr. Blaze Jack herer. Started these girls back in march under a few cfls. The large jack herer was started in december and has been heavily trained, Mainlined, supercropped, and topped countless times
  6. C

    First ever harvest - Auto Jack Yield?

    I am harvesting this girl on Thursday and am wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark of what it may yield. It's only a 3 gallon pot and I made some real beginner dumb mistakes so I'm not expecting much. I know it's difficult to tell from a photo, but I'm just looking for a ballpark # of grams.
  7. 0utd00rsman

    Abandoned 2017 Jack Herer Spring/Summer Outdoor

    Hello all! Just planted my two Jack herer clones from their solo cups to 2 gallon buckets. They came out of a turbo cloner 1 week ago. These are flying along. First day of natural sun on 420. Jack Herer Clones possible different phenos. 2 gallon pots for now with a mix of happy frog and...
  8. C

    New Grower 2 Jack Herer Autos 1 White Haze Auto Need Suggestions

    2 Jack Herer Autos 1 White Haze Auto I'm new grower i have little indoor growning room which i upgrade as much as i can. I have total 3 plants in 8 liters pots. They are in vegetative stage, this is day 17 in soil(24 from seed to today). I use biobizz light mix. After i take them to pots i...
  9. A

    Abandoned 4x4 - 600W MH/HPS - UK Cheese - Jack Herer & Sweetooth

    4x4 - 600w Mh/Hps UK Cheese, Jack Herer and Sweetooth
  10. H

    Outdoor! Need advice - 7ft plant!

    Hello everyone , I have already gained some experience from reading and researching , and i have already grown a couple plants indoors for the past 3-4 years , soil and hydro ! Last hydro plant yielded 4.5 ounces (130gr) . This is now my first time growing outdoor . All for personal use ...
  11. cannilingus

    Jack Herer Pheno B

    cut at 63 days.
  12. Z

    No tricomes?

    My plant is almost done and it's got nice size buds but they are not sticky at all and I see no frost. Her sister finished a couple weeks earlier and turned out perfectly normal. Jack Herer Fem auto flower. Should I even bother harvesting it or is it a waste of time?
  13. X

    Abandoned 2016 Travis - Strain Is Jack Herer - First Time Grow - Indoor - Soil

    Hi this is my first attempt at growing with Jack Herer auto flowering seeds. Iam starting off with one plant to get the feel for things and if all goes well with it i'll make it my mother plant. If any one has any suggestions on lighting for 1 plant in a 4'x4'x10' closet
  14. Nicholas Flamel

    Which seedbank has the best Jack Herer?

    Just wanted to grow some Jack Herer and i have no idea who has a good one. Thanks
  15. L

    Jack Herer Plant Question

    I have gotten some clones and have been letting them veg under a hydrofarm veg light for about 3 weeks they have gotta pretty big since i have gotten them. but i have noticed that they have stopped growing tall and started getting really bushy. and some of the plants have started growing 1...
  16. Z

    Abandoned Zdro's First Grow - Auto Jack Herer - Winter 2015

    Hi all, first time grower, here's the specs: Auto Jack Herer (Crop King) 70% sativa, 20% Indica, 10% magic #1 germinated 2015-12-10 #2 germinated 2015-12-20 Indoor Cabinet 40x24x36 Soil: Mark’s Choice Premium Container Soil (peat humus, light & dark Canadian sphagnum peat moss, compost...
  17. CropKingSeeds

    Win 5 Jack Herer Auto Seeds And Get 10% Discount With This Thanksgiving Giveaway

    Let's Talk Turkey! A Thanksgiving Holiday Promotion Stuff a 5-pack of Jack Herer Auto Flower seeds... Instead of the Turkey Starting Friday, November 20, everyone who orders from the Crop King Seeds website using the 420MAG-10 promo code will be eligible to win a 5-pack of Jack Herer Auto...
  18. B

    Completed 1st Time Cloning! Sexing Mothers For Perpetual Grow =)

    Hello :420: and all readers. This is where I'm going to continue my journal to anyone who was following before. To all new viewers and subscribers, :welcome: I have 1 super silver haze, 1 jack herer, 1 blueberry, and 1 diesel all in veg. It's been about 5 weeks from seed, and yesterday I took...
  19. Degauss

    CCHHI 2012 - Legalize Hemp 100% in CA

    Check out CCHHI 2012. Legalize industrial and medicinal hemp 100% across the board. NOT heavily taxed and regulated, just enough to make sense and spur business. This will create tons of energy/industrial/manufacturing jobs in the ultimate ecological green sense. We are proud to say we are...
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