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  1. P

    Male Hermaphrodite Specimen

    Hey people! This is a story about a poor and lonely male plant. There once was a bagseed. It had seen it all during veg, you name it, cold temps, overfed, pests, totally random schedule, leaks, stripped almost to the bone numerous times. Even now it sees light for 13 not just 12h every day. At...
  2. K

    Pollen sac or new growth? Blue Dream week 4 - Please help

  3. K

    Help - Herm or new growth - Blue Dream week 4

  4. P

    Please help me

    I have 1 plant that has female traits at the top an all lower branches have lots of Saks only an wondering if it will produce seeds on were female traits are or will it produce seeds even were male Saks are?? If it is a hermy. ..
  5. G

    Too soon to tell?

    Hey guys, I began my first crop about a month back and now believe that this plant of mine is about to, or has revealed it's sex. Can some of you guys help me out to verify this? I think it's either a herm or male :/ Sorry for the low-quality picture btw, best I had available to me atm. :Namaste:
  6. A


    My 1st grow and I think I have a herm. Checking to see if I'm correct.
  7. 4

    Is this a herm?

    This is my first attempt at growing and I believe a few of my plants went herm on me. What are your thoughts? They are about 25 days into flower. Thanks
  8. radmichelle

    Male parts showing pistils?

    Hey there, I thought i'd post this more directly, I had a plant start male (preflowers, no ball cluster formed), then showed female hairs everywhere, (wouldnt say these are herms) and kept an eye out on the suspicious male ball... now it's got a pistil emerging, and some calyxs' have 3 hairs...
  9. R

    Herm from light stress or genetics

    Hello, I have some ladies 4 weeks into flower, i noticed some seed pods and later a herm. i removed the herm from the bunch and havent found any more. i noticed a small light leak from my door that has been fixed, also my new controller had a red led interface that could cause some...
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