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  1. OMGReptar

    Did my plant hermaphrodite?

    Oof....I’m chopping 3 plants today and I’m noticing what might be pollen sacks on my first plant. I don’t see any that look opened. I just put the plants through a 48 hour dark period. Idk if that could have done it.
  2. P

    Male Hermaphrodite Specimen

    Hey people! This is a story about a poor and lonely male plant. There once was a bagseed. It had seen it all during veg, you name it, cold temps, overfed, pests, totally random schedule, leaks, stripped almost to the bone numerous times. Even now it sees light for 13 not just 12h every day. At...
  3. Closet Urban Grower

    First time sexing: is this a hermie?

    Hey. I took a couple photos and wanted to get your opinion on the sex. The plants are in week 9 of veg and after a couple weeks of high heat, I cannot tell if my precious females are turning hermie!!! Thanks a bunch friends. These photos are from one plant.
  4. GrowerGal

    Is this an early Hermie?

    Please help. Zoom in to see clear.
  5. R


    Did my chick just grow a dick? Unknown strain
  6. H

    Another Is This An Hermaphrodite? post

    Cut a handful of clones from my plant a couple weeks into flower. Almost all rooted and are showing signs of revegging. This one looks like the stress might have popped a nut. What do you think? I'm pretty sure it's a ball but in the last pic it does look a lot like the calyx on the lower node.
  7. 395223E4-24F9-406D-8812-EDC85A61E450.jpeg


    I have a herni here growing beside some flowering plants not sure what to do
  8. G

    Male, Female or Hermie

    Hi, I am a new user and new grower. Can you tell me what sex this plant is pls. Thanks GailofMaine Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  9. N

    First grow - Do I have a hermaphrodite?

    I'm doing an outdoor white widow feminized grow. I think they started about flowering about a week ago. The one that is furthest along is pictured here. I am seeing both pistils and small round things that look flowers or maybe male pollen sacks. Can anyone tell me if I likely have a...
  10. I

    Early Miss Hermaphrodite?

    Please help I've grown lots but this strain has me not sure if I have a autoflower turned hermaphrodite or am just panicking ? it all looks like coalas made of polling packs, multiples up and down the plant
  11. M

    New Grower - Do I have a Hermaphrodite?

    Hello everyone! So this is my first time growing and for a while it seemed everything was going great, but I'm not so sure about one of my plants. I have started with two auto flower nyc diesels in a small grow space and there are at about week 8 from seed. The only difference is that one...
  12. G

    Is my plant a hermaphrodite?

    Greetings everyone, My first post here and I need help. I'm growing my first plant and trying to learn obviously. I've read about hermies and I'm scared my first plant is one. I'm wondering if anyone can look at the pictures and clarify if my girl's a shemale. Thanks in advance...
  13. W

    Hello from Ireland!

    Hi everyone. This is my first grow. I have 2x NYC Auto Diesels growing one turned Hermaphrodite on me due to stress from mistakes. Looking forward to getting help and guidance. Oiche mhaith.
  14. S

    Help please is this plant a hermaphrodite

    Plant is 25 days into flowering. The strain is killawatt found some seeds in bud i got but know strain is killawatt because guy i vought the bud from is friends with grower. There are 3 plants in soil mix made with 2 types of organic potting mixx perlite and vermiculite under a 600 watt hps...
  15. M

    Is it a boy or hermaphrodite?

    Could what I thought start off as a SHE now be a HE ? Or possibly both ? After two weeks of flowering and what I was sure was female now Im not so confident. It appears some branches look female (as you can see from the white hairs) and then the other branch looks quite male with the pollen...
  16. P

    A question about a lady gone hermie

    I have a concern and because there's so many good farmers on here I think I'll get the answers I flowered this strain several times now, it was from a random bag although very good there's no genetic info for it. Gave some of the recent harvest to my oldest son. The next day he told me...
  17. I

    Stopping a plant from going hermi?

    is their anything to bye that stops a plant from been a hermi ?
  18. I

    how did it hermi?

    hi all iv just cut down my fav plant today as i noticed it was a hermi, but wats bugging me is how???? ..is it somthing iv done? is it a genitic thing? i never even knew this could happen until last week . :thumb:
  19. I


    just need few peoples advice is it worth keep hermi plants an just picking of the pollen sacks or should i get rid as its kinda killing me to get rid of it cause it has the most bud out of them all after just 8 days but at the same time i wouldnt mind getting rid of it could really do eith the...
  20. G

    Are my ladies actually ladyboys?

    Hi, First time poster here. I've got a little hydro setup in a wardrobe and I've just set them to flowering. I'm not sure if one of them is turning hermaphrodite or if it's normal. I was wondering if there's some experts that could take a look? Set up: 2 x 300w LED 4 phase cheapos Autopot...
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