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  1. YossiPacNW

    Hermies? Freaking out here!

    Hello all, I may have a hermie. If so it’s really new? Can you tell if these are balls, or flowers who’ve yet to produce pistils. I have early onset Parkinson’s disease. Closet grow. Can’t afford to go without medicine.
  2. ChillDude

    2 feminized Autos developing male pollen sacs? Pics included

    Hi! i am new to the forum, i grow indoors for myself and my partner, right now i am on my second grow ever, the first one went smoothly, but this time i encountered something new, 2 of my plants are developing weird buds that might be male flowers, but just on one node of the plant, and i was...
  3. O

    Swollen Calyx? What’s going on?

    Greetings. My first post after I made an account after seeing the plethora of information this community bad to offer. here’s my situation. I’ve got four plants. All autoflowering. 2 nyc diesel and 2 amnesia haze xl. Plants are just over 30 days old. All growing faster than I had hoped. while...
  4. GrowerGal

    Is this an early Hermie?

    Please help. Zoom in to see clear.
  5. T

    I am not sure if my plant has hermied on me

    Plant was grown from a seed. Has been in veg 4 close to 3 months. Was accidentally put into flower and then back into veg, so stress was a factor. Now I am noticing these formations, and I am not sure if they are bananas, or calyx can somebody please help me? They do not have the typical seed...
  6. 2019-05-10 09.18.18.jpg

    2019-05-10 09.18.18.jpg

    Lebanese seeds
  7. C

    New member semi experiencd grower!

    Hey everyone new user to this site have been growing for about 5 years mostly OG Kush, Purple Kush from cuttings off a friend in Canna coco using A+B nutes and PK13/14 in flower + epsom salts 3 times over the course of the grow. But this time I decided to grow from seed went for the feminized...
  8. A

    Hermie or seeded?

    hi there. first post ever and I am asking for something.. sorry. I have one lateral bud off a main that's changed to seed. its scary.. never happened before do I pull them all or wait? indoor no idea what strain, we don't really get a lot of choice. I cloned the mother and veged and...
  9. trichomes

    This plant is done But Wait! Look At This!

    Now this plant is done, BUT WAIT!!! LOOK AT THIS!! I have fresh NEW "mini-buds", with all white/clear pistils sprouting from 2 of my 3 tops. Temp goes down (where I know it shouldn't be) to 50 degrees sometimes, then normal temp when light is on at night. I heard the low temp. can cause this...
  10. Inkdot

    Very strange calyx, hermaphrodite?

    Hello everyone. I'm on the tenth day of 12/12 of my very first grow. I got two plants, one is definately a healthy female. The other is growing alot of white pistils from the top calyxes but one node down and lower the flowering sites look very strange. This is the best close up I could get...
  11. C

    What's the deal?

    :peace:Hey this is my second attempt at growing my own! I just don't really know what is going on with my plant??? At first I thought it was a male because of the little balls however now I am seeing hairs...Can anyone explain to me what I have here??:peace:
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